Cookie Monster

When I was in second grade, I wanted to be a pasta maker. I was over being a teacher or dancer or an engineer; I read a book about making pasta and fell in love with the profession. This may have been a noble profession for me, but I have to let you in on a secret. I am not a skilled cook; unfortunately the skills fairy sprinkled a sixth sense for cookie locations instead of the ability to create them. I’ve kind of been in denial about this for a while, but I finally came to face the facts today when I made some cookies for my lab. What is this mysterious lab? I’ve been working in Dr. Wirtz’s Lab in the Engineering in Oncology Lab. I took a few weeks after my finals to relax, but then I returned to Hopkins, but not to study, but to work.

Very high quality picture of my cookies

Back to one of my favorite topics: cookies. These cookies have a very weird consistency and are oily at the bottom, but gooey at the top. They’re weird tasting and they took me 2 hours to make. This took me back to my FFC days where I ate numerous cookies that were warm and moist and delicious and available whenever I wanted them. I brought them to the lab, but I wasn’t proud of them. (Everyone in the lab said they were good, but that’s one of the things I like about my lab, they are all very nice). One of my projects this summer will be to learn how to make good cookies, now that I’m not living in the dorms.

Since I’m staying here till August, I needed to find housing (since the university only has housing during June and July). I looked at Craig’s List and Padmapper. I also looked at the Hopkins Off-Campus Facebook Page and registry which was really helpful in connecting me with Hopkins students that were willing to sublet for the summer. I contacted a bunch of people, visited, and signed my first sublet/lease papers. I learned the farther in advance you plan, the more options and time you’ll have to figure out the housing situation which will help me when I look for housing next year. It’s different living in an apartment than the dorms. In the dorms, your RA was there to answer questions and unlock your door.

Also, I’ve gone grocery shopping for my parents, but it’s completely different shopping for yourself on your own budget. You cannot shop when you’re hungry or you’ll buy everything that you see. I learned to not buy all carbs or protein or fats because you need a balance of all (my first shopping trip contained the produce section and nothing else). I learned to buy some things that don’t need to be prepared or take little time for those days when I am absolutely exhausted. I also learned that Giant is more expensive than Eddie’s (and yes, I actually went to each store and wrote down the prices to see which was cheaper).

When I think about it, it’s a good transition. After I finished my freshman year, I asked my dad what surprised them about Hopkins. My dad said that he was surprised that Hopkins became my starting point for all my adventures. Hopkins has provided me with many resources to go off and do awesome stuff. However, the thing I like most about these opportunities is that we’re given choices. I am starting to prepare for the real world.

I Can Dress Like A Hon if I Want To, I Can Leave My Cares Behind

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3 Responses to Cookie Monster

  1. Cookie Monster says:

    Cookies are a sometimes food.

  2. Trisha L. says:

    Good luck trying to make good cookies Kate- I’m trying to get better at cooking too!! Great Blog!

  3. Sydney says:

    Good to know about eddie’s and giant…lol
    great blog!