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it’s sort of like hearing the birds chirping in the morning light

Posted by Lauren C. on April 11, 2010


Spring has sprung in Baltimore!  Actually, it felt more like summer for a while there: for two straight days, we’ve hit 90 degrees, then dipped into uncomfy lows, and now we’re back at pretty standard conditions for spring again.  Students are permanently parked on the Beach in front of the library, I see shorts and skirts and pretty sandals everywhere, and all of the work we have to do seems slightly less of a drag now that the warm weather is helping us through. Spring is arguably the best time to be at Hopkins and for the entire year, I couldn’t wait for all of the springtime fun to arrive.  This week has been jam-packed full of enjoyable things – and there are even more in store for the rest of April!  {And ok, I admit it – that subject heading is lyrics from a Chris Brown song.  Guilty as charged…no pun intended…}


Last week, four of us headed up to Towson to a small theater to see Dum Dum Girls and Girls {two different bands – one is actually made up of girls and one is not} perform.  It was on a Tuesday and it was great to get a little break from the week!  Then on Wednesday of this past week, I and five of my friends drove downtown to Rams Head Live to see the Arctic Monkeys concert.  There was also an Alpha Phi date party that night so it was the first one ever that I had to miss {which was sad}, but this concert had been about 5 or 6 years in the making and was absolutely FANTASTIC.  They’re one of my favorite bands so it was definitely worth it…even though I had a paper due the next day that I hadn’t started.  But that night I wrote a 6 page paper in about 2 1/2 hours, which has convinced me that Arctic Monkeys and/or concerts are magic.  Probably a bad conclusion to draw from that but I am staying optimistic.


Last Wednesday at Girls Life, while Baltimore was gearing up for some beautiful weather, some of the interns and I decided to have a picnic.  We wouldn’t be able to eat outside or anything since we’d actually be at work, but we decided to go all out and plan a fun, springy lunch for ourselves anyway.  So we finally had our grand picnic – and it was great!  We got a turkey/ham/bacon/avocado wrap, pasta salad, and regular salad from this sandwich place called Evergreen {which is near Loyola}, plus chips, onion dip, and fig newtons from the Safeway down the street.  We loaded up our plates with a variety of all the different options and enjoyed one of the best lunches we’ve had in the past few weeks.  It’s always a lot of fun to do stuff like this, but especially at internships – it’s so nice to feel like you’ve settled into a community at work and really enjoy hanging out with the people you work with.  And plus, what says spring more than picnics?  Exactly.  We also spent some time sprawling out on the Beach this week, both in between classes and on the weekend after the lacrosse game {more to come on that}.  Spending time with friends is always a good thing, but there’s something about laying around in the sun on the Beach that makes it even more relaxing.


This weekend was Hopkins homecoming!  We had all sorts of stuff planned: a big breakfast, a barbecue and tailgate with a bunch of alumni friends, and finally our big Homecoming lacrosse game against Albany {we won}.  It was a lot of fun to have a bunch of older friends come back to campus and to spend an entire day with friends, wandering around campus, eating way too much, and being happy in the sun.

Um, And This…

And then we played Candy Land.  If this doesn’t prove that it was a fun-filled week, then I don’t know what will!

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