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two truths and a lie

Posted by Lauren C. on April 15, 2010


When you come to Hopkins as an incoming freshman, you have an entire week of Orientation built into the school year.  It’s before any actual classes start, so you can spend all of your energy exploring campus and Baltimore, testing out extracurriculars, and getting to know your classmates.  Apparently, somewhere someone said that “get-to-know-you” games are a great time, so you will absolutely play your share of icebreaker games as part of this latter orientation activity – whether it be among your floor/house with your RA, on your own, at one of your club’s first meetings, or somewhere else.  Regardless of your stance on icebreakers, one of the “get-to-know” games you will inevitably end up playing – probably several times – is called Two Truths and a Lie.

Absolutely not relevant to this post, but there is my name under "Interns" on the Girls Life Magazine masthead!

Basically, it’s played exactly how it sounds: you sit in a circle and go one-by-one to each person.  They say two things that are true about them and one that is a lie.  They should be in any order and can be about anything, so long as they will help friends get to know them better.  After they’ve said their three statements, the people in the circle try to guess which of the three is the lie and which are the facts.

So, in the spirit of orientation and new social beginnings, I am going to do that here.  I’ll leave you two truths and a lie…and then come back later to tell you which are which!  Feel free to leave your own set of statements in the comments and reveal yours on my next post too, if you want to play along.

1) I have never pulled an all-nighter.

2) I have been on the roof of at least 3 buildings on campus.

3) I have broken a bone on the Hopkins campus.

Start guessing!

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