Dear Class of 2018,

As we roll into 2014 and my final fall semester officially comes to a close, I’d like to share five pieces of advice with incoming freshmen. Leaving home for a new city is strenuous enough. Add tough classes, new faces, and being forced to do your own laundry and you’ll have enough stress to cause [...]

Lots of Learning

When people ask me, “How do you like Hopkins?” the first thing that comes to mind is my social life here.  I think of my 120 sisters in Phi Mu, the 18 members of my comedy a cappella group, my SAABrothers&sisters (SAAB is the student group that runs Hopkins Interactive), my amazing friends in the [...]

A Home at Homewood

Well, I’m back in New York.  I’ve officially completed my freshman year at Hopkins, and I’m in Scarsdale for the summer.  What’s strange is that even when I am home in NY, I find myself inadvertently referring to Hopkins as “home.”  I’ll never forget when I came home for winter break and my mom asked [...]

Not My University

This is a true story, but I will not mention the name of the university that I am actually talking about.  Instead, for the purpose of this blog, I will call the school NotMy University. I’m fairly certain that I haven’t mentioned this in any of my blogs this year: Johns Hopkins University was not [...]

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