19 Feb Written in a New York Minute

This’ll be a brief update – tomorrow is the start of Baltimore Regionals, so my mind is fully focused on arguing character evidence, the admissibility of eyewitness testimony, and memorizing about 25 minutes worth of questions and statements. Fun stuff. In that spirit, here’s a brief recap of my trip to New York!

It was my first time visiting New York City, which just added to the overall excitement of going on a trip and going to a tournament. We took the Bolt Bus from Baltimore, and ended up in the middle of New York City. To me, it was just like something right out of a movie – lights, people, and buildings everywhere! Our tournament was at Fordham University at their Bronx campus, but we were actually staying in the city. We did a lot of walking and getting places, and the whole time I was just taking it all in and gaping at everything like a tourist.

The tournament itself went very well. It was Rush weekend, so we were missing some of the people on our team. That meant that some of us were actually playing parts we usually don’t, and we weren’t at our best. Still, we went into the tournament feeling competitive, and by the end of the first day we were 4-0! We decided not to check our results until awards, but we had a successful third round. Fourth round had some surprises, and we were feeling hopeful. We waited around for the awards ceremony, and then they accidentally flashed up the awards powerpoint with the third place team: Viktor Krum! AT tournaments, they use code names so judges don’t know the school, and our theme this time was Harry Potter, and Hopkins A Team was Viktor Krum! To top it off, our president won an award for being an outstanding witness! It was a really meaningful victory for us. It was our first award in a long time, and visible recognition of all the time we’ve put in this year. Also (and why I’m not writing very much), it indicated to us that we really have a chance at regionals this weekend!

I’ll write more next week about our snow week and regionals!


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