21 Sep Goodbye Summer

Sun setting over campus

It’s September 21, officially the first day of Fall and the official end of Summer. I guess summer actually ended three-ish weeks ago when school started, but then there was still beautiful weather (ignoring the hurricane and monsoon) and not that much work (because writing intensive loving me doesn’t consider a paper or two by now that much work) and not all the clubs had started up again and the sun still set after I’d eaten dinner. But now it’s very literally fall, and with that comes the reality that I’m back in school, I’m back as a full-time student (and mock trialer and admissions-y person and tutor and worker and studier). So here’s a look back at the summer, and a look forward to this semester!

Chilling (literally) with the bear box

It sounds cliché, but this summer really was one of the best of my life, not to mention having a few milestones as well. I moved into my first apartment, I had two jobs that I love, I saw my little brother graduate high school and become an Eagle Scout, I saw bears and was reminded yet again why I love visiting national parks, I went to an amazing rally with amazing speakers for an amazing cause, I had a wonderful time visiting family in England, I bonded with more awesome people on Pre-College staff, I explored Baltimore, I had crazy adventures with friends, I made tons of cupcakes and tater tots, and I remembered yet again how wonderful my friends are and how glad I am that they’re in my life. I tried new things, pushed my limits, and have so many great experiences to look back on from this summer.

This did make the transition to school a bit harder. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a full-time student and being in college, but transitioning from summer bliss can make it harder to acclimate to pages and pages of reading and papers. But I’m happy with my classes this semester, I have hardly any tests (!!!!!!!!), I get to write on issues I care about, and most importantly, my tutee reminded me today that 1) I still have to finish Spy School and 2) I need to work on my basketball skills.

But here are some things to look forward to!

My classes. Five of them: La France Contemporaine (French culture class, conducted all in French, shout-out to JHU_Kate T, who’s also in it), Intro to African History Since 1880 (Survey African history class for Africana minor, JHU_Dominique and JHU_Lauren B are also in it), Policy Disasters (why policies failed and generally how catastrophic events can be), Urban Politics and Policy (urban development and theory, with JHU_Saznin), and Constitution and the Criminal Justice System (also known as Con Law III, but just covers the criminal justice system, which is really interesting and a good companion to mock trial).

Tutoring again. I love my tutee, and his take on the world and the people in it always makes me smile. He’s also been training me to be a spy with him, so we’re continuing with spy school (and counting money and writing penpal letters), as well as working on our basketball skills (where I’m finally putting my height to a use, never mind the fact that my opponent is my 2nd grade tutee).

Apartment life. I think my previous blog covered the food aspect of that, but I also LOVE my view and the fact that we have super comfortable futons.

More food: I definitely have been eating out less often now that I have a super-functional kitchen, but I still love trying new foods and restaurants. Last week, I had Egyptian pizza, and I’ve been making restaurant plans to take advantage of foods we can’t make ourselves (or other fun things like finding real bagels/the best falafel).

Study breaks. They’re always awesome and spontaneous and make me happy.

Exploring Baltimore: Several of my friends have cars now, and I’m getting very proficient with public transportation, so the exploration will continue!

At Slutwalk!

Staying involved/caring: I had an amazing experience at the Save our Schools Rally this summer, and I also participated in Slutwalk Baltimore this past weekend (which was  protesting rape culture (great description here) and victim blaming and promoting the rights of Baltimore workers to have a work environment free of sexual harassment and assault. Slutwalk started in Toronto, in response to victim blaming by the Toronto Police (read more here). There have been Slutwalks across the country, and Baltimore’s was this past Saturday. I was really glad I went, and I want to keep attending rallies (both in Baltimore and DC). I also have my much-loved NY Times subscription, which is a great procrastination tool and more importantly a great away to stay on top of the news (and get outraged over certain things too).

On a completely unrelated note, go check out the Class of 2015 blog!  We have 9 great freshmen joining us this year, and they’re all awesome and you should read their blogs :)

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  1. Kate T. says:

    YAY this sounds like a fun semester! thanks for the shout out

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