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One of the things I’m most thankful for at Hopkins are my friends. They’re here for me whenever I need them, and they’re always down for new adventures. Since (most of) us have moved into our apartments (aka rooms with kitchens) this year, we’ve had quite a few cooking adventures. Here are a few of the Thanksgiving ones!

Thanksgiving PotluckĀ 

On Saturday, we had a many-dish potluck, proving that college students can cook more than ramen, and can make use of small apartment kitchens! Highlights include turkey, gravy (including a vegetarian version!), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, biscuits, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, and green beans, with dessert including pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. It was something we’d talked about since the beginning of the semester, and was a much needed break from paper-writing for me!

FOOD (not even all of it!)

potluck people!

Latke Party

Last year during Passover, we decided to make latkes in McCoy, finding ingredients from the FFC, Nolan’s, and CharMar. They were delicious, we only set off the fire alarm at the end, and our suite smelled like latkes for only a few days afterwards. That night was one of my favorite memories from sophomore year dorm life, and we were all interested in having another version of it. Two of our friends had never tried latkes, and Hanukkah this year will be after we’re all home for break, so we decided to go ahead and have a latke party on Tuesday night before break. We made about 40 latkes and homemade applesauce, and also ate them with the homemade cranberry sauce from the potluck!

We’ve also been experimenting with pies this semester. September and October were full of key lime pie, but now we’ve transitioned into Thanksgiving themed ones. Jenny made pumpkin pie this weekend, and I made a sweet potato pie, both of which (we think) are delicious!

latke party people!

Pumpkin Pancakes Brunch

The next morning, we decided we need another type of pancake, and transitioned from potato pancakes to pumpkin pancakes. My roommate and I made pumpkin pancakes as a way of celebrating the beginning of Thanksgiving break, and taking some time to relax in a hectic semester (yay food study breaks!).

(All photo credits to Courtney!)

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