10 Jan Eleven

11 for 2011–Things I’ve learned, appreciated, or otherwise want to remember (Hopkins edition)

1. Pre-college. I can’t say enough wonderful stuff about pre-college. I’ve met so many awesome people, spent more time laughing, and spent more time in a laundry room bonding with the rest of staff than I could have ever imagined.

2. My apartment. I was hesitant about apartment life–I didn’t know what having all this responsibility would be like, not to mention all the extra space. It’s been so much more than I thought it could be. I have a wonderful roommate, a fantastic kitchen, and the best futon anyone could ever write a blog from. And potentially the coolest bookcase in Charles Village (see #8).

First of many delicious apartment dinners

3. My classes. Spring 2011 had probably my best set of classes. They were interesting, relevant, and most importantly, helped expose me to issues I truly care about, and want to work with in the future.

4. The Hopkins Beach (or, how I learned to be nocturnal). Beautiful sunny days during reading period and finals last year meant that I spent most of the afternoon outside, most of the night working, and most of the morning sleeping.

5. Winning a trophy (or plaque). My team has put in so much effort this semester, and it’s been so rewarding to both find funding to allow us to travel to new tournaments, but also to hold our own, and end up with a record we’re proud of.

6. Papers are still better than tests, but tests aren’t so bad after all. After freshman year and sophomore fall, I was ready to never take another test again. They freaked me out, I never did as well on them as on papers, and I much preferred writing papers. These past two semesters have made me more comfortable with tests again, although I’m still a much bigger fan of paper writing.

7. I can write 40 pages in a day. It’ll probably never happen again, but it’s good to know I can.

8. Books. Call me old school, but I still love paper books more than anything electronic. The Book Thing has helped me improve my college book collection, in addition to the classes requiring a new book every week.


the bookshelf in the process of being painted. wordpress doesn't want to recognize the picture of it with books :/

9. European pop music. My new study staple, and my new obsession to share with anyone who wants music recommendations.

10. Furry animals make studying so much better.

LUCY! (she's not in Baltimore, but she's pretty helpful with internship applications too)

11. My friends. I talk about them all the time on this blog, but they’re the #1 reason I love being here.

2 Responses to “Eleven”

  1. Sydney says:

    i love lucy. lol tooo cute!!!

  2. Admissions_Daniel says:

    OMG … Lucy is the cutest thing ever. You need to share more pictures of her on your blog. Also, feel free to share some of your recommendations from #9 in the office next week.

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