When looking at schools, there are several very important things to consider. How is the food? The social life? Are they any good at sports? How challenging are the courses?  But there is always one thing that is overlooked.  In fact, its shocking that this is so under considered when evaluating a school.  Its something EVERY student experiences all the time, every day, without exception, and thus should at least be a small consideration in choosing schools.

Ladies and gentleman, nature calls. And when it does, we have to answer.  It is for this reason that I have traveled around campus, evaluating one of the many things which makes Hopkins so great: our superior restroom quality.

For legal purposes, the only bathrooms analyzed were men’s rooms.

AMr 1 Third Floor, Willard House

AMR 1 Willard: The bathroom on the 3rd floor of AMR 1 is very dear to me, in that it is so incredibly convenient.  A mere three doors away from my dorm room, its the perfect choice for all needs, including showering and brushing my teeth.  The best part: I don’t even need to put pants on to go, as my hall is pretty chill about walking to and from the bathroom in one’s boxers.  This bathroom features three of everything, three showers, three stalls, and three sinks.  The one problem? No urinals.  I’m all for conserving water when possible, but unfortunately, this bathroom is severely limiting in that respect.  Never the less, I love this bathroom mainly for the convenience-factor.

MSE A-Level

A-Level: Continuing with the convenience theme, we have the A-Level bathroom.  The MSE Library has all of its bathrooms arranged pretty much the same, no matter the level, so I’m using the one on A as a representative of all levels.  The MSE bathrooms are on the small side, but they have all the necessities.  Considering the amount they are used (I’d say they are the most used lavatories on campus), they are surprisingly clean.  There are a few small graffiti drawings on the stalls, but they are a rarity and usually just someone who scribbled their name on the door.  Overall, I believe Milton S. Eisenhower would be happy to do his business in any level of the library.

The elegent wood-paneled entrance of the Krieger Hall bathroom

Krieger: The bathroom on the second floor of Krieger is one of the more interesting one’s I’ve explored here at Hopkins.  When one first enters, the frame around the entrance way is all wood paneled, giving the bathroom a very classic feel.  Like the MSE bathrooms, this one is also very simple but does not sacrifice functionality.  The lighting in here was also very interesting.  The room is well lit via these industrial looking lights, but although one may at first think its tacky, the choice of light fixture really brings the room together, especially when combined with the wood on the sides of the entrance.

The impressively large Gilman bathroom

Gilman: The lavatory on the third floor of Gilman is the largest I’ve seen at Hopkins, yet for some reason always seems to be empty.  No doubt, it is quite spacious and is well laid out, with a long row of sinks on the right for high capacity times.  The Gilman bathroom was also very clean.  You could tell that everything in there was brand new, adding to the clean feel.  When they renovated Gilman, they clearly did not neglect to redo the bathrooms.

The simply beautiful bathroom of Mason Hall

The simply beautiful bathroom of Mason Hall

Mason Hall:  If the first thing a visitor to Hopkins had to do was go to the loo, Mason Hall’s bathroom certainly would be a good introduction to Hopkin’s sanitation.  It has a nice layout, as well as a good looking tile floor.  It is on the small side, but I doubt it gets enough traffic to justify anything larger.  Also, in order to get to this bathroom, one must first go through a unisex hallway which splits at the end into men’s and women’s rooms with a water fountain in the middle, which makes the overall experience that much better.

The "Hidden Gem" of Hopkins bathrooms

AMR 1 Basement:  I like to think of this bathroom as the “Hidden Gem of Hopkins Water Closets”.  Why? Nobody ever uses it.  Really, the only reasons people go down to the AMR 1 basement are for laundry and perhaps to use the common kitchen.  Therefore, there really isn’t much of an immediate need for it like there is in the bathrooms in classroom buildings or the upper levels of the dorms.  However, the bathroom is still cleaned regularly and thus is insanely clean, almost to the point of perfection.  It also has a very unique layout in that it features dividers between the sinks so you can take your time in the mirror without the non-existent person next to you peeking over.  If you are ever in the area, the AMR 1 Basement bathroom is a guaranteed good choice.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and learned something new.


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