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Month: November 2015

Thanksgiving Is Here!

Thanksgiving Is Here!

Thanksgiving Break Is HERE!

As I write this post, I’m on a Bolt Bus headed back home, from busy streets of Baltimore, Maryland to the quiet neighborhoods of Randolph, New Jersey! Since I’m already pretty tired, and eager to get about three hours and forty-five minutes of sleep, I’m going to try and keep this post as short as possible. Getting ready for Thanksgiving Break has made me reflect on how much my life has changed in the past couple of months. Not too long ago I was a young, naïve high school senior, but now I’ve become a mature college freshman. In college, as far as what I have learned goes, there is of course the knowledge I’ve gained going to class every day. However, looking “big picture,” there are three things I’ve learned that could only have come from living alone in college. 


1. Make a Schedule

Something I really struggled with, especially early on in the semester, was waking up every morning in time for class. In high school if my alarm didn’t wake me up, I could always count on my parents letting me know that it was time to get ready for school. Staying up late this semester, and after getting only about four or five hours of sleep every night (sometimes less), the struggle to function the next morning is real. It’s always so tempting to either hit the snooze button or to turn off my alarm altogether, but the one time I did this I woke up four hours later only to realize that it was already 1 p.m. On the whole, college has taught me to create a schedule for myself. This extends past waking up for class to organizing time on the weekends and from setting a time to go to the gym to finding time to call home.Working_Schedule-512

2. Eat Healthy

At home, most of the meals I ate were home-cooked, so I could be sure that everything I put into my body was nutritious. In college, I have to trust that the food I’m putting on my plate from the FFC is healthy. Trust me, eating a balanced diet is tough because every day the FFC has a delicious assortment of pizzas and fries that simply look delicious. As to not torture myself, I usually allow myself to eat these foods on the weekends. It’s also very tempting to eat at different places around Baltimore that are on or near campus: Chipotle, Subway, Pizza Studio and Masala Kitchen to name a few. While eating out is good on occasion, I have to remind myself, that not only are a lot of these places unhealthy, but also that they don’t take meal swipes, which means that I have to spend my own money. Although they don’t take meal swipes, it’s great eating out and experiencing the various different tastes of Baltimore!healthy-eating

3. Manage Money

Before college, my parents paid most of my expenses. I had a job, so I wasn’t one hundred percent reliant on them, but anytime I ran low on money, I knew I could ask my parents to refill my debit card or spot me some cash. This changed drastically in college because I had no one to rely on and had to manage my own money. Before I left for college, my parents filled my debit card as well as my JCash and Dining Dollars. It was now my job to manage my finances for the rest of the semester. They say that with great power comes great responsibility, and I believe that with money there also comes great responsibility. Right now, I work at the Digital Media Center at Hopkins, so I do make money. Overall, it takes a lot of effort on my part to make sure I don’t spend the money on my debit card, my JCash, and Dining Dollars too quickly. Thankfully, thus far I haven’t.Bag-of-Money

Here’s wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!



Even though I’m majoring in the sciences at Hopkins, I do consider myself a master of words. After countless hours of thought, I have formulated an acronym that I believe defines Hopkins.

H. O. P. K. I. N. S.


(adj.) an event that is particularly interesting, entertaining, or important

It seems to me that at Hopkins there is always something happening on or around campus. Walking through the Breezeway or by the Beach on a regular day of classes, I am frequently greeted by student groups advertising their club and giving out free food and apparel. What’s better than free stuff? Nothing. Student organizations like The HOP (Hopkins Organization for Programming) and SGA (Student Government Association) host events for the student body to attend year round. In October, we had “Hoptoberfest” which was a week of fall-themed events that culminated with a spectacular fireworks show!


(adj.) widely or constantly encountered; common or widespread

Hopkins is renowned around the world as one of the finest educational institutions. As the first research university, Hopkins has spearheaded a variety of research projects and initiatives. Most recently, our Applied Physics lab witnessed their 10-year project come to fruition as the New Horizons spacecraft completed its historic 3-billion-mile journey to Pluto. Our list of notable alumni mikeincludes former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, former CEO of IBM Sam Palmisano, journalist and television news anchor Wolf Blitzer, and even U.S president Woodrow Wilson. To think that I may be sitting in class with future business professionals, scientists, and leaders inspires me to work hard every day.


(adj.) of great value

Even though I am just a freshman, I know that after I graduate, I will look back on my time at Hopkins and remember the great people I met and the fond memories I made. And even though I know that college will take me and my classmates our separate ways, I am certain that we will all share the same fond feelings towards our time at Hopkins. For college students around the world, these four years are precious, and it would be a disservice to not make the most of them.



(adj.) having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm

Never have I ever met a group of students more interested in and enthusiastic about the work that they do. At Hopkins, I have had the pleasure of meeting seniors who are developing their own startup companies, juniors who are accepting job offers at Fortune 500 companies, sophomores who are already presidents of clubs, and freshmen who are already involved in research with their professors. Surrounded by a student body like this, I am confident both in our futures and in the future of Hopkins.



(adj.) introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking

The word innovative is applicable to Hopkins in two ways. The first refers to the innovations on campus, and the second refers to the innovations that are produced by the students and faculty. On campus, students have access to high end resources and brand new facilities. Both the Brody Learning Commons (Brody) and the Undergraduate Teaching Labs (UTL) were built within the last five years with state of the art technology. Brody features study pods overlooking an atrium with glass windows,c7fb504bf432185d89b82cb51b7cf9a1 walls, and tables that can be written on. The UTL is a curved glass building featuring more than 20 state of the art labs. The second way that “innovative” can be used at Hopkins is to describe the work produced by students and staff. Both are involved in cutting edge research ranging from the development of low-cost, brain damage prevention devices to the development of micro robots via the analysis of crickets’ aerial acrobatics.


(adj.) able to be counted

While at Hopkins we believe that a number is definitely not the only thing that defines a university, we are proud of and do embrace our recent top 10 ranking (U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges). Our other most notable rankings include

– #1 Biomedical/Bio Engineering Program (US News)

– #3 Neuroscience Program (US News)

– #9 Best College Dining Halls (USA Today)

– #12 Global University (US News)

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.28.19 AM


(adj.) free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings 

I must say, when I first came to Hopkins, I was genuinely surprised by the sincerity of the student body and the overall collaborative atmosphere around campus. In high school, my teachers made it sound like college would be a whole new ball game with unhelpful professors and competitive classmates. I quickly found out that this was far from true. Anytime I need help, whether I’m struggling on a problem set or need an idea for a blog, I can always count on a friend being there to help me out.


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