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Best Things To Do On The Beach

Best Things To Do On The Beach

It’s been getting warmer outside the past couple days, so many students find themselves making their way to the Hopkins Beach. What/where is the Hopkins Beach, you may ask?

Commonly referred to as just “the beach”, the Hopkins Beach is a vast ovular grassy area on the Homewood campus (adjacent to N. Charles St.) that serves to unite all Hopkins students for a good time. Legend has it that if you lay on the beach and close your eyes, the sound of cars driving by makes one feel as if they are actually lounging in front of the ocean.

Especially when the weather is nice, you can pretty much always guarantee that groups of students will be gathered on the beach – some might be snacking or playing games, while others might just be hanging out with their friends. There’s a lot you can do on the beach this time of year – here are some of my favorites!

1) Tan

Now you might be thinking…tan? …but Rahul, you’re already kinda tan? While this may be true, it’s not necessarily the change in skin complexion I’m looking for – it’s the Vitamin D. The beach is free from shade, for the most part, and taking time out of your day to bask in the sun is well worth it. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen 😉

2) Sleep

While you’re busy tanning and getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, you might find yourself slowly drifting into a gentle slumber. In fact, sleeping on the beach is one of the best things one can do to relax and recuperate from the occasional long stressful day. While I have only fallen asleep on the beach once or twice, many of my friends do it more frequently, and it sure is a much more fun experience then simply sleeping in your dorm.

3) Sports

Get out, and get active! There are always people playing sports or exercising on the quads around campus. Two games almost always being played on the beach are KanJam and Spike Ball.  I like to stop by the beach between classes to toss around a football or play frisbee with my friends.

4) Study/Do Homework

A great place to do your homework on a bright and sunny day is the beach! Even though it can get kinda loud, you can almost always find a spot off to the side that’s quiet and shady. I like to lay down a blanket or a towel, take out my laptop, put on some music, and finish any work that I have to get done. No one wants to be in the library on a warm sunny day, so the beach is the best compromise!

5) Read

Reading is something I want to get a lot more into (hopefully this summer I will). During the semester, I find that a lot of my time is spent doing homework and participating in extracurricular activities, and this takes away from my reading time. The one time I did read on the beach (last year), I really enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it.

6) Slacklining

Slacklining is something I recently became aware of, and think it’s really cool. Essentially, you try to balance yourself on a thin rope and walk from one point to another. You set up a rope between two trees, and the beach is the perfect spot to do this. Checkout the video below for a short overview on Slacklining!

7) Eat/Picnic

One of the great things about the beach is its location. It’s surrounded by most of the dorms. Also, Char Mar (the campus grocery store) is right across the street! On warm days, it feels great walking to Char Mar from the beach to get a lot of food, and coming back to eat it with your friends.

8) Doggies

During the day you’ll probably always be able to find a dog on the beach. Many upperclassmen at Hopkins or people who live in the Charles Village community will bring their pets to the beach, and let them off their leash. I’m not sure if this is allowed, but it definitely brings the campus together because who doesn’t like de-stressing over a cute woofer.

But the most simple thing to do on the beach is to just hangout and relax with your friends. All you have to do is sit down, put on some music, and chill.

Six S’s to Sophomore Survival #embracetheS

Six S’s to Sophomore Survival #embracetheS

Every Hopkins student and his or her family can remember a conversation during which someone referred to the university as John Hopkins University (leaving out the ‘S’ in Johns). In fact, most students know that one person who, no matter how many times you tell them, keeps referring to the university as John Hopkins University. For example – “You got in to John Hopkins University? Great job!” or “Hows John Hopkins University going?” and even “My friend’s son got into John Hopkins University. Do you know him?” As a sophomore, this is extremely frustrating for me to hear. I can’t fathom how the graduating seniors felt when world-renowned filmmaker Spike Lee mispronounced the university’s name (emphasizing the ‘s’ in Hopkins and leaving out the ‘s’ in Johns) during the commencement ceremony at their graduation last year.

To bring attention to fact that there in fact is an ‘S’ in Johns, the university has adopted a movement known as “Embrace the S”. Especially highlighted during Freshman Orientation, this movement serves not only to bring attention to the ‘S’ in our name but also to help students identify what makes them unique; what their individual ‘S’ is. I personally think that the “Embrace the S” movement is a great one, and that’s why this blog revolves around it. Even though it’s only been a month into my sophomore year, I think I have a good idea of what it’s going to take to survive. Below are my top six tips. Hopefully, seeing so many S’s reminds you that we aren’t John but JohnS Hopkins University!

1. Sacrifice some sleep 🙁giphy-12

You’re probably thinking: “Sacrifice sleep? I need at least 8 hours of beauty rest each night to function the next morning.” Allow me to explain:

Many in college say that you can really only have 2 of the 3: Sleep, good grades, or a social life. While I don’t advise pulling multiple all nighters in a row, I do believe that ten years down the road you’re not necessarily going to remember the nights you got no sleep, but the grades you got and the journey your success took you on.

2. Spend time with your friends


The people you meet, hangout with, and get close to during your four years in college are going to be some of your best friends even after you graduate. While some may disagree, I think that if you truly are best friends with someone you’ll make it a point to meet up often even if life takes you to opposite sides of the globe.

3. Salad: Mmm yummy!


Unlimited meal plans and freshman fifteen are undoubtedly a thing of last year. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a sophomore sixteen or sophomore seventeen for you to attribute your shape to. So eat healthy, hit the gym, and maybe even make “sophomore slim” a thing.

4. Save your dining dollars


Most sophomores switch to a dining dollar meal plan after having unlimited meal swipes their freshman year. While $1400.00 may seem like a lot of money, 3 meals a day at roughly $7 each leaves you with a cash balance of $0.00 on day 66 of the approximately 100 day semester. You may be thinking – “I never eat breakfast!” or “There’s no way I’m going to spend 21 dollars a day!” Watch out; those 4 dollar bubble teas at Bamboo Cafe and .50 cent per ounce salad bowls at Char Mar sure add up quickly.

5. Search for your true calling


News flash- you’re not a freshman anymore! So when someone asks you what you want to do with your life or what you want to major in, you can’t use “I don’t know. I’m still a freshman.” as an excuse. That’s not to say you need to have the next ten years (or even the next two years) of your life all planned out. I know I sure don’t. You just need to have an idea of what you like and want to pursue and what you don’t and will never do.

6. Seize the day!


As cliché as this may sound- it’s true. You’re only a sophomore once. Heck, you only live once! So make each day count. Be spontaneous. Join that a capella group or dance team you thought you would never have time for. Eat that left over bento box from Bamboo for breakfast. Maybe even take a dip in the president’s pond (or not, this may be illegal). Just don’t have a boring schedule that goes: eat, sleep, Brody, repeat. Because in the end, “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock. Life’s what you make it, so come on come on (everybody now)!”

That’s right, I just quoted Hannah Montana. #Sophomores2k16