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CRIBS: Charles Commons, 1221



Posted by Lauren B.

Hello again!

Though I didn’t videotape a real cribs video like the freshmen (my room has never been clean enough for such a thing) I’d like to give a quick tour of my lovely suite in Charles Commons…..

stage one

Our room, 1221, which we always refer to by number, is a strange and overly decorated suite of four single bedrooms and two bathrooms. We picked a semi-tragic lottery number, and by some small miracle still ended up in Charles Commons, but on the 11 month lease side. The 12th floor, the penthouse of Commons, has a huge common room on the floor with tables, couches, and a TV just steps from our door, which is why you won’t see one anywhere in our suite

remodeling struggles

Last August, my roommate Laura and I were the first to arrive, as we had signed up to be Peer Ambassadors for the incoming freshmen. Given the fact that we moved in with only a small group of other sophomores, we were able to take some decorating liberties, dragging lots of stuff in and clogging the elevators with many, many trips up and down. You can see the trajectory of our decorating, and it seems to have gotten worse over the course of the year. During intersession, Laura and I once again were the only ones here, and that seemed to cause some problems. Cabin fever worsened during Snow Week and we put up some insane decorations in the common room.

final stage of living room madness

Moving from the AMR’s to Commons last fall was a huge transition, and it’s definitely the biggest jump in terms of housing. I went from a very snug single room sans air conditioning, where I shared a bathroom and shower with about ten other girls on my hallway, to this lovely abode where I have a small kitchen, my own bedroom, and enough space to actually have people over. It’s a great place to live, definitely, and they obviously gave a lot of thought to the layout of the building in terms of community–we have a lot of communal space, all of the suites have pretty big living rooms, all the floors have common rooms, study rooms, or both. We also have a gym, a kitchen, laundry facilities, a cafeteria, and some huge conference rooms that they use to screen movies in and such. You can check it out here http://www.jhu.edu/hds/oncampus/buildings.htm

That’s enough information about the building itself though, so here are a few more pictures of my room!

Our front door, the fridge, and the door to Laura’s room.

My desk, and the kitchen (lots of dishes to do).

The living room, all of our schedules, and my room.

and below, my room and the lovely sign we put up reminding ourselves of where we live.

Just a little decoration in my room and in the hallways.

…..and last but not least, the door to my room!

Hope you enjoyed the scenic tour of 1221!


One Response to “CRIBS: Charles Commons, 1221”

  1. Katherine Tan says:

    1221! That’s where I’m going to live next year!! =D My future suitemate found this page while looking for move in dates ;)