My main girls.

My last blog ever.

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As of May 22nd, I am officially a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University. I have spent four years laughing and crying, studying and goofing off, and doing all four of these things simultaneously on A Level. I’ve studied biomedical engineering and theatre design, applied math and creative writing. And all of this has led […]'s not freshmen year?

My last day of undergrad.

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EVERYBODY. YEA, YOU! EVERYBODY. TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL AS AN UNDERGRAD. …wait what? No, this can’t be right. I feel like just last week I moved into McCoy and made a ridiculous group of friends that went to FFC every night together. But, alas, my time is up. So today is my […]

I even squeezed in time to hang out with freshmen year friends at the libs! :)

busy as a bee.

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Greetings, everybody. I hope all is well. Right now, it’s the middle of midterm season again, but this one in particular is a little bit more difficult than most. Yes, prob and discrete are a tad difficult, but the real struggle is balancing all these things with other things happening in life. Like these: 1. […]

The best doggy ever <3

My last spring break.

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Hi everybody! How’s it going? As you might know from everyone else’s blog, it’s currently spring break at Hopkins. Now, originally, I wanted to go to New York with my two friends, Amanda and Marisa, but we all ended up going home in the end. To be honest, the end of senior year is 50 […]

DT team

naturally classy.

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Hey everybody! How are you? :) It is officially my last semester as a Hopkins student. I know you’ve read every single blog since I started and are emotionally troubled by the fact that I am leaving college, but don’t worry. It’ll all be OK. (Deep breaths, baby. Deep breaths.) So senior spring is probably […]


break and back.

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Hey everybody! I hope your break has been going as well as mine has. I just got back to Hopkins this week after first going home. As my loyal readers know, I hail from the charming state of Wisconsin, which according to my friend who is currently there for the first time for a medical […]

My friend, Amanda, and I at the BMES dinner!

My final winter finals.

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Hey everyone! Finals season is officially over, and I am proud to say that I survived. That is, I survived my last set of winter finals at Johns Hopkins University. While some may say that the finals period in the fall semester is the same as the spring, I tend to disagree. In the spring, […]