Rough picture...but look at that beauty of a shirt!

Stop trying to make “fetch” happen.

A wise philosopher by the name of Regina George once said, “Gretchen, stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen! It’s not going to happen!”

As much as I love Mean Girls, I thank my lucky stars that my name isn’t Gretchen Wieners, because if Regina George walked all over my favorite phrase, I would probs have to write something about her in the burn book.

You see, over a semester, a lot of things change. I hang out with some new friends more than I ever thought I would. I have changed my favorite Urban Decay Eyeshadow. Towards the end, I started caring less about whether my socks were matching. But one thing stayed constant the whole semester through. Some people might even say I’m obsessed with it. And this obsession-worthy thing is my go-to catch phrase: “jkjplay.”

For all you uninformed souls:

Jkjplay (verb): Stands for “just-kiddin’, just playin.” The best phrase to use in almost any situation. Predicted to be the trending topic in pop culture very soon. Very, very soon.
Example: “Hey! How was your test today?”
“Actually, it was yesterday…”
“Jkjplay. I meant yesterday.”

In all honesty, I probably say this phrase 954837593 times a day. At least. I’m addicted. I learned the phrase back in Wisconsin. One day, I went to get coffee with my best friend and he used the infamous “jkjplay.” I asked him what it meant. He explained.

I then told him it sounded realllll stupid…

He then told me his new girlfriend taught it to him…

…So then I started using “jkjplay.” I approved of his new girlfriend and didn’t want to offend him. Or her. Or anybody. And not only have I used it; I’ve become obsessed. It works for embarrassing situations. Funny situations. Missed birthdays. Bad tests. Good tests. You name a situation, I can find a reason to say it. I’m so obsessed, my awesome suitemate, Aisha, actually made me a shirt with it on it. (Note: sorry the picture is so half-hearted. I just got out of the car….We drove from Baltimore to Wisconsin. 13 hours. Yikes!)

Rough picture...but look at that beauty of a shirt!

And it’s becoming a trend!

Well, sort of…

Well, not really…

Well, our very own Admissions_Daniel has used it, which has GOT to mean it is going to be the next big thing…right?


Ok, ok, it may not be the next big thing, but I love it, and I hereby declare that I, Sydney, have been obsessed with the phrase “jkjplay” this semester. I’m not going to lie though…you’ll probs hear me using it next semester, too. :)

2 thoughts on “Stop trying to make “fetch” happen.

  1. Ian H.

    You’ve said jkjplay so much in orgo that I would not be surprised if Falzone used it on his course website… haha

  2. Kevin C.

    not a fan of this blog.
    JKJPLAY I LOVE IT! I actually really like the expression and try to incorporate it into conversation. When it comes to adding weird/funny phrases into my vocabulary, i’m a teenybaby obsessed.

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