A Blue Jay’s View

So I was sitting at my kitchen table, staring out the window, wondering what to write my next blog about. Then it hit me…I’ll write it about staring out the window. Clever, ehh?

Here are the views from different rooms in Charles Commons. Like a bird’s eye view. Or a blue jay’s view. ;)

This is a view from my friend’s room. He also happens to be an amazing photographer. One of the perks of living in a city is all the lights at night. I’m pretty sure if you looked at my village at night it would just look like a big black area on the map. But Baltimore…it’s just so pretty. And from Charles Commons, you can see the whole city. (And in these shots, you can even spy a little bit of our very own Mattin Center in the corner).

Photo Credit: David Glover-Valencia

Photo Credit: David Glover-Valencia

In this shot, you can see the engineering side of campus. From the dorm windows, they just look like plain brick buildings, but when you are on the quad, with all the greenery and marble, the engineering quad is a really pretty place. One of my characteristics of the perfect college was a beautiful campus, and Hopkins definitely fulfills it.

Photo Credit: David Glover-Valencia

Here is Bradford, another dorm, but it is apartment style. They are Commons’ neighbor. I would say more, but I’ve never been in them!

Another view from Commons, but this one is of the main quad. You can see the top of Gilman, which is maybe one of the prettiest buildings on the inside. It has a huge atrium that has great natural light for studying during the day. And at night, the Hut is a favorite study spot due to its beautiful windows. JHU_Joseph can attest to that.

Photo Credit: David Glover-Valencia

My crappy photography skills have led me to the beautiful picture. The one thing you can see in it is the large building right next to commons. It houses Dominion Ice Cream- which has vegetable flavors! Its sounds gross, but everyone I know loves it! It also houses apartments that many upperclassmen live in.

Subway. As you can tell, it is conveniently close to Charles Commons. My friend actually went there last night when we were doing homework. I prefer CharMar subs, mainly because you can use dining dollars on them, but Subway has its charm.

Union Memorial Hospital. It is conveniently located right by Charles Commons, which is great if you don’t want to take the bus to do research at Johns Hopkins Hospital. My friends have a really cool view because they can see the helicopter pad from their room. They actually got to see an emergency helicopter land once!

Last but not least, Tamber’s. I’ve always wanted to try it, and it is kind of ridiculous that I haven’t since it is so close to the on-campus housing. But JHU_Zoe has only said great things about it, so I plan on going before the end of intersession. It’s a goal!

So this is the common view from Charles Commons. Just another one of the wonderful things that comes with being a Hopkins Student.

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  1. Jeanine

    I love this! I have a whole album of photos from when I attended college called “Views from My Window.” I love a good sunset from a high rise! It made me smile to think I’m not the only one who thinks about this!

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