Nisha's perfect form. haha

Duckpin Bowling!

Hey everybody! Last week, I got to participate in a favorite Baltimorean pastime: duckpin bowling. Now you may be asking yourself: duckpin bowling? How is that different from regular bowling? Well, you prospective Baltimoreans, let me tell you:

1.)    The Pins

Regular bowling has tall heavy pins, but duckpin pins aren’t quite the same. They look the same (white with a red ring), but they are shorter and squatter, almost like big foot came and stepped on a regular pin from the top. They are also much lighter. Personally, I thought this made the pins easier to knock over, but it could have just been beginner’s luck.

2.)    The Ball

The balls in duckpin bowling are soooo tiny! They are somewhere in size between a baseball and a normal bowling ball. They were so cute! But the weird part? There were no holes in the ball! I spent, like, five minutes trying to figure out where my fingers were supposed to go. It actually made it really hard for me to throw the ball, so I resorted to granny style bowling (the classiest way to bowl). For those of you who don’t know, granny style is where you bend over and chuck the ball with two hands. I found it rather effective.

Nisha's perfect form. haha

3.)    The Rolls

Instead of one roll, you get three! I liked this a lot because when I would get a gutter ball, it seemed like I still had a fair shot of knocking down all the pins. Still, it is only a spare if you get it down in the first two rolls, which made me sort of sad when I would get all ten pins down in three rolls. I’m pretty sure the duckpin bowling gods just had a grudge against me, but it’s ok. All is forgiven.

The best part of it all was that I got to do it with one of my favorite extracurricular groups, Engineering Ambassadors. We are the kids that give the engineering tours when you come visit, which I highly recommend! You get to see the labs and machines up close! I also like that the groups generally seem smaller than a normal tour, which sometimes have TONS of people in them, depending on if you visit on a busy day or not. But since we went bowling, I like to consider it proof that engineers have fun, too. :)

Engineering Ambassadors!

So that’s the lowdown on duckpin bowling. Come to Baltimore to play!

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  1. Admissions_Daniel

    I love duckpin bowling. The Admissions Office has gone the last three years to celebrate our holiday party and let’s just say I may be the worst bowler in the whole office. It is still fun … I just need the bumpers in the gutters.

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