My freshman and I!

My life lately.

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Hey all! It’s been two weeks since I’ve last blogged, and so much has happened. Let’s start with the not-so-fun: exams. The beginning of March is known for being the start of the first midterm period. I had two exams this past week. The first was in Intro to Prob, which despite having “intro” in […]

DT team

naturally classy.

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Hey everybody! How are you? :) It is officially my last semester as a Hopkins student. I know you’ve read every single blog since I started and are emotionally troubled by the fact that I am leaving college, but don’t worry. It’ll all be OK. (Deep breaths, baby. Deep breaths.) So senior spring is probably […]

My upperclassman creeping on my freshman. #normal

DT Freshies.

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Hi everybody! My last couple of weeks have been crazy. Absolutely insane, actually. Between medical school interviews, all my midterms, a design team presentation, and attempting to find suitable times for sleeping, my life has been all over the place. In the midst of all this havoc, I had one extremely time consuming assignment that […]

A tourniquet that my design team is studying.

My last fall classes in college.

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The time has come. It’s senior year. I, Sydney, am officially in my last fall semester in college. Two weeks of classes have come and gone, and so far, so good. I have some pretty challenging classes this semester, but hopefully it’ll all end well, and at the end, I’ll be even more prepared for […]


Meet my Professor: Dr. Miller!

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So the big questions I always get about BME are as follows: How hard is it? Does everybody fail out? Are the professors scary and mean? Well, I know in past blogs I have tried to disprove the first two (two years into the program…and I’m still here smiling!). Now here I am, answering question […]

JHU_Ian and his serenades can cheer me up!

The truth.

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These past few weeks have been really…well…challenging, to say the least.  I have spent over 20 hours on certain homework assignments. I’ve taken tests that make me sick to my stomach to think about. I quickly watched my hours of sleep at night keep decreasing.  I’ve cried a little. And, in all honesty, I wondered […]

BMEs for the win!

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This is one for the ages. A battle of epic proportions. Bigger than David vs. Goliath. Bigger than the Montagues vs. the Capulets.  Bigger than Snooki vs. the pale, pickle-hating population of the Jersey Shore. Ok, ok, we kid, we kid (well, maybe…). But JHU_Kate and I think we have a fantastic feud for you. […]

Inter-esting Inter-session. :)

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Hey everybody! Ready to hear about another really, really, ridiculously cool experience I’ve had at Hopkins? (I’m going to tell you anyways, so you might as well answer “yes” to that rhetorical question.) One word: Intersession. For all of you who don’t know, intersession is a three-week term in January that is completely optional. You […]