Meow Mania

Feline fun with my brother Simon

If you’ve ever met me in person, or have taken a gander at my Facebook page, you probably learned quite quickly that I have a rather intense obsessions with the feline race. I am the cat-mother to two beautiful calicos, Jane Thea Thomas and Charlotte Ann Thomas, and don’t think I could love biological children as much as I love them.

Thankfully I grew up in a household that supported this passion. My three brothers, who’s nicknames in high school include “Big Cat” and “Little Meow,” enjoy putting a feline-spin on their favorite Knicks basketball players. Example: Ameowe Staudelmeower and Carmeowmeow Anthony. My youngest brother Paddy composed a poem about our cats entitled “Sleep Shed Eat,” which has received critical acclaim. Obviously we’re a super normal family.

Since coming to JHU, I have been lucky enough to find friends who not only supported this interest of mine, but encouraged it. I’ve been adorned with feline presents (including posters, crop-tops and costumes), and am texted pictures of cats on the reg. I also get sent any mildly amusing cat-related link, so I have decided to share with you Jay Talking regulars one of my most recent favorite:

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Cat attack at Alpha Phi Date Party with JHU_Ruthie!

Other than convincing you of the fact I am growing up to be a crazy cat lady, you might be wondering why I wrote this blog. Well my point was simple. I have found at Hopkins that no matter your interest, however socially acceptable (or unacceptable), you will find your niche at Homewood.

I have said in previous blogs that the one adjective that can be applied to all JHU students is passionate, and that is true not only for academics. However strange it may be to you (cough JHU_Nick), I am passionate about cats, and I have discovered here at Hopkins my own outlet for cat craziness. I have also found friends who would vote 30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy for president in 2012, people to match my enthusiasm for Oscar Sunday aka Holy Sunday, and those who support my belief that Rhett Butler is the greatest man to ever hit the silver screen.

So in coming to Hopkins, I promise you that in addition to receiving a world-renown education, you will also find a diverse student body willing to accept you, bizarre interests and all. The other day on our emailed Daily Announcements, I saw an advertisement for the JHU Beekeeping Club. At first I judged, but then I realized one man’s JHU Beekeeping Club is another’s JHU Feline Fanatics Anonymous. Hopkins’ newest student group, anyone??

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  1. im tempted to write “meow” also but lets be real… we all know your thing is cat hissing at people… not meowing…