Bear Necessities

Only a few days left until Thanksgiving, and all I can say is that no one seemed to tell my professors that. I have about 3209534 things due this week, so I am really looking forward to sleeping as much as I possibly can during break! In the meantime, I have been fake online shopping; I have about $3000 worth of stuff in my “shopping cart.” I am even reading Alfred Hitchcock’s biography! It’s hilarious, because if you know anything about him, you know that he has a very distinct way of speaking. Logically, then, I read the book with his accent!

Here’s the intro to his famous show: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

My dad got me hooked on watching these last winter break, and now that I’m reading his biography, I can really see where his inspiration comes from. I hate “scary” movies like The Grudge or Saw (they’re up to like the 7th one aren’t they?) because they just make you want to puke. Hitchcock’s movies are all about the suspense. You know something about the character that no one else does. Take Psycho, for example. Only you and Lila Crane (the main character) know that she stole from her boss. That, the eerie music and the creepy scenery force you to the edge of your seat. Then, (and I hope I’m not spoiling the movie for anyone- I won’t give away the ending) when Lila is murdered, you know it can be one of two people: Norman Bates or his awful mother- you never see her, but just hear her screaming at her son ALL THE TIME. Lila’s murder scene is probably the most famous scene in movie history- a woman getting murdered in her own shower! It’s truly scary because it is the single most vunerable place we can be, with nothing to shield ourselves. And that’s what give you the chills when you watch the movie- not some guy having to cut his own arm off when zombies are just gonna eat his brains out later. Psycho is an awesome movie.

On a completely unrelated note, first term is almost over- which means it’s already time to pick classes for next term! Here’s what I plan on taking next term:

Nervous System II
Introduction to Organic Chemistry II
Probability and Statistics for the Life Sciences
Introduction to Political Economy I

That said, I have been imagining how life will be next year, because my roommate and I have figured out where we will be living! It’s the most gorgeous apartment building, and is perfect because it’s so close to campus! I can’t wait! That being said, I have been thinking about some of the things I would need next year in addition to what I already have: furniture, actual cooking supplies, curtains, bathmats…it’s going to be quite stressful. However, I was also thinking about some of the most important things I brought to school with me here, and I thought I would give you guys a peak into some of the Bear Necessities.

Bear Necessities

1. Clothes- that goes without saying. You just can’t run around naked. That being said, some things you might need to invest in are: rainboots/jacket, warm jacket, scarves and SWEATPANTS- for when you just need to lounge.
2. A good book- while you might not be able to get to read as much as you normally can, I have found that just reading whenever you have a second is a great way to detach yourself! The white book pictured was a present for my birthday- it’s called Broetry and it’s the perfect book to read for a laugh!
3. SNACKS- Om nom nom. Enough said
4. Watch- be on time!
5. Phone and computer- simply essential for life
6. Lots of pillows
7. Water bottle- stay hydrated people!!
8. Coffee Thermos- stay AWAKE people!
These are just some of the things I think that everyone needs on campus! Of course, you will need the dorm essentials, like storage bins, school supplies, etc, but the above are just some things I simply couldn’t live without at Hopkins!

Have a great week and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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