Life Through a Lala’s Eyes

You’re welcome readers. You pleaded, and I have finally given in (no, that’s probably not really true, but I would love to think so anyways). You have been awarded a sneak peak to a day in my life. While it might not be as interesting as Kenneth’s from 30 Rock, see the video below, my life has its moments. So, this is a normal Tuesday schedule for me. The weather yesterday was really rainy, but I didn’t let that stop me!

7:30AM- Wake Up. I would post a picture, but I don’t think the public is ready to see me in the morning.

9:00AM- Orgo Lecture! The only way I know to start my day is a steaming cup of coffee and some good ol’ Organic Chemistry!



10:00AM- Grab some breakfast! I love going to Carma’s and trying some great sweet treats!


Carma's has the best food- try their Pink Dalmatian cookies!

11:00AM- Head to Gilman to study! I love Gilman because the architecture is so beautiful! I have probably posted about it 1304923 times- but it really is the most zen place to study. I am lucky enough to be the first class to only see the newly renovated Gilman. The entire building was essentially transformed, and it really is a fusion between the old and the new. The atrium is a really cool place (literally cool, because it’s pretty chilly over there) to study because the ceiling is really cool looking; looking up is a great way to get some inspiration! Definitely visit Gilman if and WHEN you visit because it is my absolute FAVORITE building on campus.

The greatest place to study!

12:00- Relocate to the Library to study! Apparently, it has been scientifically proven that studying in different locations improves your retention of information. I use this as an excuse to take a break.


1:30PM- Nervous System! We are currently covering the Visual System- it’s incredible how intricate our body is. I really enjoy the class because of the professor, Dr. Hendry. He is so great at explaining everything we cover, it makes it so much easier to learn the information. He’s also really welcoming to students who have questions in this class generally known to be daunting.

3:00PM- Meet my friends at Starbucks! And while it appears that this means we may attempt to get back to doing work, it actually means doing some hypothetical online shopping! Holiday drinks are on sale there!

5:00PM- Head to Nolan’s for dinner! Nolan’s is the cafeteria in Charles Commons, the upperclassmen dorm. Nolan’s is a great place to relax, play some pool and eat some great food- I recommend the make-your-own-salads! Yesterday, there was a booth to make your own silly putty! Who doesn’t love silly putty?!

Well, after dinner, I hung around commons, watched some of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I also went to the Charles Street Market to pick up some food! While I might not have had the most exciting day, I am really happy I have so many great people around me to spend time with!

Char Mar is a really convenient place to pick up food!

I am also really excited to sign up for Intersession courses! Intersession is a 3-week period in January that is optional for students to come back for. That means if you don’t come back, you could potentially have a 2-month winter break! I elected to come back to campus last term, and plan to do so this term as well. I would like to take The Practice of Law, an introductory class into all types of law (as the name suggests). I also plan on shadowing Dr. Hillis in the Brain Rescue Unit again! Intersession is a great time to relax and reset from the work of the Fall Term. I am really looking forward to it!

Here are some other pictures of places I enjoy hanging out with friends or studying! I hope you enjoyed the post!

I spy with my little eye, someone talking up the sculpture on Q level!

From Halloween, but nevertheless an epic photo- just your casual Pirate in the Library.

My new favorite place to eat!

Levering Hall is a really nice place to relax!

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