The 90s are All That

Happy New Year Everyone! I landed safely back home a couple of days ago, and let me just say that I did not expect it to be THIS COLD! In Lower Gwynedd, PA, there is NO SNOW. That’s my least favorite part about the winter. It’s freezing for absolutely no reason (besides the fact that it’s January). It’s not like there’s any snow outside.

Anyways, I have been spending my last week doing nothing at all. I have never watched more TV in my life.

Now is the season to start working on internship applications. Ughh. It’s hard to believe that I already have to start working on my summer plans, but it’s really exciting that there are so many opportunities to choose from!

Sophie, contemplating life.

I remember when I was applying to colleges; I tried to make sure I had some internship experience. The summer before my senior year, I interned in New Delhi, India at a research institute. I worked with post-docs on a project dealing with the genes involved in Tuberculosis, a disease that is still prevalent in India today. It was a great experience. While I was not really able to do a lot as a high school student, I was more startled by the contrast between the sophisticated technology in the labs and the destitute areas outside the compound walls.

Anyways, I am struggling to overcome my jet lag and begin packing for school. Watching TV and sitting on the couch has never been better, especially with all my favorite shows from the 90s back on- All That, The Amanda Show, Kenan and Kell and Hey Arnold!

I used to love watching those shows! Kenan and Kell were the best- Kel was the reason I started drinking Orange Soda! And I always thought Arnold was wearing a kilt. My mind was blown when I realized he had tied a sweatshirt around his waist.

As I was saying, I am getting ready for getting back to school for Intersession. I really enjoyed it last year, and I definitely plan on taking classes every year!

A stool I made in the 6th grade- pure quality.

Here are some things that are a MUST for Intersession at Hopkins:

1. A warm, waterproof jacket- some of you might think that this goes without saying- but I used to think nothing was colder than a Michigan winter, but Charm City is a pretty tough competitor. It also rains quite a bit during the winter, so be prepared!
2. French Press- for you coffee lovers, like me, a French press is a convenient way to make a quick cup when you are busy. I am lucky enough to have a Keurig machine- which is actually the MOST convenient and amazing thing in the world, but for all of you guys who don’t have an awesome roommate like me who brings one, you might have to settle if you’re not willing to shell out
3. A good book- I was happy to be able to read during my winter break, and I hope to be able to continue to catch up on my reading during intersession! I love reading books by Hopkins Professors!
4. Visit the Rec! Classes at the Rec are FREE! I am so excited to take Spinning, Yoga, and CardioKickBoxing! I have been doing yoga on my own for the past couple of days. I learned how to do crow’s pose. They say that the intense sore feeling you get the next day is a sign that you were doing it right.
5. Spend the last of your dining dollars! I know I have a ton left to spend, so I plan on finishing mine off by stocking up on magazines and Einstein’s Bagels!
6. Go to concerts! Last intersession, I went to Super Mash Bros- a great mash-up band! I went with a bunch of friends to a close-by venue. The concert was awesome!
7. Have Fun! Intersession is a great time to de-stress and enjoy our beautiful campus before classes kick into gear. I know when classes start, I barely have time to notice how gorgeous it is!

Enjoy the pictures from over the summer- I miss it so much!

4 thoughts on “The 90s are All That

  1. the amanda show was probably the best thing telelvision ever did. nbd.

    great bloggggg :)