Because It’s The Cup


Posted by Wafa K. | Posted on April 24, 2012

It’s the answer to every question this month. Every inquiry as to why one is irrationally emotion, MIA or genuinely questioning all of their life decisions can be answered with “Because It’s the Cup.” It’s playoffs time, and the most wonderful time of the year for a hockey fan. Also the most excruciating. But the sport does the combination of those two contrasting emotions so well that it makes sense it culminates in this exquisitely painful marathon of games, emotions, story lines, and heartbreak.

Braden Holtby. Caption really not necessary.

I recognize my complete and utter devotion to my favorite sports’ tournaments and emotional video montages is something not shared by everybody I know, but really that doesn’t deter me from talking to them (and every single person I see looking up playoff stats in general) about my opinion on results, hits, and goals. Because boundaries are stupid. Also because it’s the cup.

In the same way, “Well it’s Hopkins” tends to crop up in conversations amongst students here on a regular basis to explain oddities, exceptions and quirks that define our experience as Hopkins students. Whether it is having a professor miss a week of class because they are presenting in a conference in St. Petersburg, quips about spending too much time on D level and the woes of the demands of professors and extracurricular activities – being a Hopkins student is a commonality that unites the student body through hard work, devotion, occasionally annoyance, but mostly pride.

The Great 8.

Most of the time, Hopkins does not invoke the heart wrenching experience that defined watching the playoffs but there is a commonality that connects all Hopkins students, as playoffs connect all hockey fans. There is something unique to being a student on this particular campus with these particular professors, opportunities, and in this city. When I reflect back on my interactions with prospective students over my four years at Hopkins, I marvel at how much I did not know and could not articulate about being a student at Hopkins especially during my first year. Freshmen have the amazing experience of struggling, exploring and triumphing with their classmates in a manner that is similar at most colleges in America, it is when you begin to diversify your interests, branch out, grow roots and establish yourself throughout the next three years that what it means to be a Hopkins student in particular becomes apparent, though forever difficult to articulate effectively.

“Well it’s Hopkins” for me now becomes something that ties me just for a short while longer to this campus and to this student body. So, when the question “Why Hopkins?” is asked, all we can really say is “Well it’s Hopkins;” only here could you have these experiences, meet these students who share the passion and vigor that define those who enroll here, only by being at Hopkins and going through the four years of learning, exploring and growing do you understand fully and truly “Why Hopkins?” That is a question that is best answered by the journey. And while it is not as high paced nor as instantly gratifying/heartbreaking as the playoffs, it has not been too shabby of a journey.

PS. I’ve already cried over the Blackhawks premature exit from the playoffs so the probability of my crying over the Capitals game this upcoming Wednesday regardless of the outcome just shot up to about 123%. Hopefully not in public though. Oh joy playoffs.

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