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2017-05-14 13.15.16

June 18, 2017
by Jack G.
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Ode to the PUC Lab

It’s May 10th. Finals are in full swing, and there’s seemingly not a spot to be found in Brody or in the library. Enter the PUC Lab: a 6,000 sq. ft. space located in the Bloomberg Center, the headquarters of … Continue reading

2004 - McCoy Hall 1

April 12, 2017
by Jack G.
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Losing the Lottery

The above email found my inbox on March 30th. The week prior, all freshmen were buzzing about the sophomore housing lottery—would we get a good timeslot? Do we prefer the full apartments of Homewood/Bradford or the suites of Charles Commons? … Continue reading

2017-03-29 18.33.50

March 29, 2017
by Jack G.
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Lecture Notes Towards the end of senior year of high school, I found myself frustrated with my own notebooks—frustrated with the lack of lesson titles and dates whenever I had to go back a few months to find that one … Continue reading


March 17, 2017
by Jack G.
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The Academic Side of YouTube

You might not expect this from a Johns Hopkins student, but I do in fact have free time. The nerd that I am, a lot of this free time is still spent learning about things—but watching a YouTube video is … Continue reading

my spring schedule

February 19, 2017
by Jack G.
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Ad locum ubī īnsum rediī

“I’ve returned to where I belong” for those of you not currently studying a language that has been dead for over a millennium. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed last semester. However, my brief foray into the History department, … Continue reading


February 1, 2017
by Jack G.
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43 Days

Well, it’s over. Two days ago, Spring semester started and my six-week Winter break finally came to a close. One of the most under-the-radar differences about Hopkins is the fact that our semesters are 13 weeks, rather than the normal … Continue reading


December 8, 2016
by Jack G.
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To prospective students anxiously awaiting next Friday, good luck. One year ago, I was in your shoes, and I still have a very vivid memory of my own Early Decision release day—Friday, December 11, 2015. In a (probably vain) attempt … Continue reading


November 27, 2016
by Jack G.
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On Effort

As I publish this, I am back in my dorm, after a much-needed Thanksgiving break filled with family, friends, rest, relaxation, and recharging. Though finals may only be two weeks away, I can’t help but feel that the toughest portion … Continue reading