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July 19, 2017
by Jenna M.
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Life Lessons From Ten-Year-Olds

This summer, I’m a day camp counselor for a group of 10-year-olds. Does this have anything to do with my major? Nope. Is this giving me hands-on experience for my future job? Definitely not. But am I learning, experiencing new things, and … Continue reading


May 1, 2017
by Jenna M.
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Spring At Hopkins

I swore coming back from Spring break would probably be the hardest thing of my teenage life. After spending full week sitting on my butt watching TV and letting my mind go to mush, the idea of going back to … Continue reading


December 30, 2016
by Jenna M.
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New Year’s is around the corner and, you’ve guessed it: that makes it that special time of year to be oddly reflective and introspective. Around the world, people are opening a journal for the first time, or reminiscing through iPhone photographs … Continue reading