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January 19, 2017
by Lauren P.

Intersession #1

Happy New Year! I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions, or really giving much thought to the change of year at all, but for some reason, 2017 already feels different. Maybe that is simply because when I look back … Continue reading


December 27, 2016
by Lauren P.
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To Training Trip and Beyond

In terms of finals, I was one of the lucky ones on campus. I only had two real finals during finals week, as my Spanish class had its exam the week before, and they were both during the first week, … Continue reading


December 11, 2016
by Lauren P.
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Surviving Finals

One semester is almost done! The only thing standing between me and winter break is two finals: Calculus II for Bio on Tuesday, and Applied Chemical Equilibrium on Friday. Of course, I am writing this as an excuse to take … Continue reading