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March 17, 2017
by Jack G.
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The Academic Side of YouTube

You might not expect this from a Johns Hopkins student, but I do in fact have free time. The nerd that I am, a lot of this free time is still spent learning about things—but watching a YouTube video is … Continue reading


March 17, 2017
by Lauren P.
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@High School Lauren

During my freshman year of high school, we were required to write a letter to ourselves in four years, and that letter was delivered to us right before graduation. Similarly, right before graduation, we wrote a senior letter that will … Continue reading

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February 27, 2017
by Katie D.
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A Poem about Woodberry Kitchen and Why I am not a Writing Sems Major

So this time I wanted to try my hand at being a writing seminars major for about 30 minutes. I thought it would be a good way to shake up the blog and try out my capacity as one. As … Continue reading


February 20, 2017
by Katie D.
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Being More

B’More classes occur during the last week of intersession, and are only open for freshman to enroll in. These are classes that cultivate a new awareness of Baltimore, in all different senses. There are a variety of B’More classes. This … Continue reading


February 20, 2017
by Lauren P.
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On Motivation

Around this time last year, I was a second semester senior in high school, and already committed Early Decision to Hopkins. Motivation was low. AP tests loomed in the distance but didn’t seem to matter, and as all my friends … Continue reading

my spring schedule

February 19, 2017
by Jack G.
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Ad locum ubī īnsum rediī

“I’ve returned to where I belong” for those of you not currently studying a language that has been dead for over a millennium. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed last semester. However, my brief foray into the History department, … Continue reading

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February 5, 2017
by Kaylee Z.
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A Peek into My Writing Class from Fall Semester

From the moment I learned the alphabet, I knew I wanted to be a writer. And I have never stopped wanting to be a writer since then. When I was looking for colleges to apply to in high school, I … Continue reading