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June 7, 2017
by Alyssa W.
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Sun, Sand, Selfie Sticks

Immediately after I turned in my key and officially moved out of Wolman hall, my friends and I piled into a van and drove eight hours to North Carolina, where we spent 10 days in an Airbnb beach house. I … Continue reading

May 12, 2017
by Lauren P.
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Papers and Projects

This semester, I’ve had to do a lot more lengthy papers and projects than in previous semesters. Though I’ll admit I’m more of a problem set person, I’ve actually enjoyed change in pace of the work I’ve been doing over … Continue reading


May 8, 2017
by Kaylee Z.
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Good Eats at Hopkins

Today, I’d like to take you on a tour of all the good eats at Hopkins and its surrounding neighborhoods, all the foods you’d get to try as a Blue Jay! First we have here food from our lovely Fresh … Continue reading

May 4, 2017
by Lauren P.
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Long time, no blog, but the past few weeks have been extremely busy! When I haven’t been busy with physics midterms, final projects, essay drafts, or research, I’ve been filling my free time with all the things that the Spring … Continue reading


May 1, 2017
by Jenna M.
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Spring At Hopkins

I swore coming back from Spring break would probably be the hardest thing of my teenage life. After spending full week sitting on my butt watching TV and letting my mind go to mush, the idea of going back to … Continue reading


April 29, 2017
by Alyssa W.
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Spotlight on Spring Fair

The second day of Spring Fair 2017 is almost over. In the past ~36 hours, I’ve eaten a ridiculous amount of food, spent more time on the Beach than I have all year, and got my fortune told. I can … Continue reading