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Majors and Minors at Johns Hopkins University

What’s your major going to be?
From parents to friends and on college and scholarship applications, you’re asked this question over and over. Sometimes the answer isn’t so easy — and that’s okay. In your college search, and even once you’ve chosen where to attend, evaluating the majors and programs offered can be challenging.

To make your decision a little easier and to help you learn more about academics here at Johns Hopkins University, the team behind Hopkins Interactive has compiled blogs from every single major and minor offered at Hopkins. These blogs are student-written and give you an up-close look at the experiences that real students have had at Johns Hopkins. You’ll read about how students chose their majors and minors and the opportunities they are discovering. Within the blogs, you’ll read about students who have changed or added majors, taken classes completely unrelated to their major, fulfilled multiple majors and minors, and otherwise explored their academic curiosities here.

Check out the major you might have in mind. Then read one you’d never even considered. And then read all of them in between. There’s no telling which personal story might speak most closely to you and your own academic goals.

Keep in mind that these stories are directly from Johns Hopkins students, but you can find links to each major or program’s Web page if you want more information. Or, continue your exploration of academics at Johns Hopkins and ask questions of current students on our Hopkins Forums!

Faculty members and university administrators: please direct any feedback or questions about these academic blogs to gotojhu@jhu.edu.

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