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Visual Arts

Name: Rachel Riegelhaupt

Year: 2015

Hometown: New Rochelle, NY

Plan of Study:  International Studies and Sociology, Global Social Change and Development track

Visual Arts at Hopkins 

When I came to Hopkins, I promised myself that I would fit one art course into my schedule every semester. I consider art to be an important outlet in my life and I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t neglect my passion for art by becoming too preoccupied with my other academic studies. Considering I was going to be taking the courses anyway, I decided to look into earning a formal minor in the visual arts.

Yet to my surprise, Johns Hopkins University did not offer such a minor. After a few moments of shock and frustration, I decided to address a petition to the University’s administration asking them to implement an official minor in the visual arts. I then designed a course curriculum with the head of the Homewood Arts Workshops, which I later presented to several deans. Now, one year and many board-meetings later, I am able to pursue an official minor in the Visual Arts.


My experience studying art at Hopkins has been only positive. I have studied under Craig Hankin, the director of the art department, for the last two years and he is forever encouraging. My class sizes have remained around 15 students per class, the perfect size for creating an environment conducive to comfortable and constructive critiques.

a typical arts class

a typical visual arts class

All of my courses have included a trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art for extra inspiration – the museum is conveniently a few steps away and accessible whenever I need motivation. MICA is equally accessible, and has an arrangement with Hopkins; I hope to take a course there my senior year. Overall, the art department at Hopkins may be small, but it is run by a passionate staff that wants nothing but to see it thrive. I look forward to working with them for another two years.