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Here are the pages written by students of the Humanities.

Africana Studies
“Through research, coursework, and public programs, the Center for Africana Studies seeks to promote fundamental examination and understanding of the commonalities and contrasts among the historical and contemporary experiences of Africans and African Americans, and of the place of African diasporas in both local and global contexts.”
(department page: http://krieger.jhu.edu/africana/index.html)

“Archaeology studies human societies through examination of their material culture (physical remains), considering such issues as human subsistence, interaction with climate and physical environment, patterns of settlement, political and economic organization, and religious activity and thought.”
(department page: http://krieger.jhu.edu/archaeology/)

“The Department of Classics regularly offers undergraduate courses in Ancient Greek and Latin language and literature at all levels, as well as a variety of courses (on a rotating basis) in the history, civilization, religion, art, archaeology, philosophy, law, and mythology of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.”
(department page: http://classics.jhu.edu/)

East Asian Studies
“Majors in East Asian studies engage in intensive language study and work with distinguished faculty on such topics as China in the global economy, nationalism in East Asia, Korean identity in Japan, and women in East Asia.”
(department page: http://sites.jhu.edu/east-asian/)

“The courses range from historical surveys of English and American literature and introductory courses in critical method to advanced courses and seminars in particular periods, authors, genres, or literary issues.”
(department page: http://english.jhu.edu/)

Film and Media Studies
“The Film and Media Studies Program is an interdisciplinary collaboration of a number of departments in the humanities. The Program is comprised of courses in the theory, history and criticism of film, media studies, screenwriting, and film production.”
(department page: http://sites.jhu.edu/film_media)

“You might sum up the French program at Johns Hopkins by saying it’s ‘live with Paris.’ ‘Live’ in the sense of a constant flow of students and professors coming to the department from Paris and Geneva; and ‘live’ in the reverse sense of our faculty and students studying and teaching abroad.”

(department page: http://grll.jhu.edu/)

“A wide range of courses in German literature, culture, history, and thought is offered. The program places equal emphasis on the development of language skills and critical analysis. The German language curriculum is proficiency oriented, incorporating videos, films, and readings, even in the entry-level courses.”
(department page: http://grll.jhu.edu/)

“Students are introduced to the complexities of historical causation as well to areas of the past that rarely find their way into high school history courses. In general, the idea is to allow students to appreciate the variety of history, how history comes to be written and understood, and its relevance to both the present and future.”
(department page: http://history.jhu.edu/)

History of Art
“Because the department emphasizes the historical, cultural, and social context of art, art history is an excellent program for undergraduates interested in a humanistic education as well as for those preparing for a career in the field.”
(department page: http://arthist.jhu.edu/)

History of Science and Technology
“The department concentrates on science and technology since the Renaissance and has particular strength in the history of early-modern alchemy and chemistry, and the history of American science and technology.”
(department page: http://host.jhu.edu/undergrad.html)

“Small classes offer the ideal environment for active participation and discussion. The program’s flexibility encourages students to combine studies in other programs. The department sponsors a variety of on-campus activities, such as foreign films, lectures by visiting scholars, and informal conversation groups.”
(department page: http://grll.jhu.edu)

Jewish Studies (minor)
“Offering an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor, the program provides students with the opportunity to explore more than three millennia of Jewish culture and civilization, from biblical to contemporary times.”
(department page: http://krieger.jhu.edu/jewishstudies)

Latin American Studies
“The Program in Latin American Studies aims to provide undergraduate students with a broad understanding of the complexity of Latin American social, political, and cultural problems.”
(department page: http://anthropology.jhu.edu/plas)


Multicultural & Regional Studies – coming soon
“The minor in multicultural and regional studies offers Johns Hopkins undergraduates an opportunity to concentrate on a region, population or theme from a cross-cultural perspective. Created to enable students to pursue studies of non-Western societies, or aspects of American or European cultural pluralism, the minor is designed by the student in conjunction with a faculty advisor.”
(department page: http://sites.jhu.edu/igs/programs.html)

Museums and Society (minor)
“The Program in Museums and Society is concerned with the institutions that shape knowledge and understanding through the collection, preservation, interpretation, and/or presentation of objects, artifacts, materials, monuments, and historic sites.”
(department page: http://sites.jhu.edu/museums)

Music (minor)
“The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences offers a music minor for students who have some training and background in music and wish to pursue their interest in a systematic way without getting their degree in the field. It consists of a selection of music courses, including music history, theory, ensembles and/or lessons.”
(department page: http://www.advising.jhu.edu/music.php)

Near Eastern Studies
“Our approach is to study ancient Near Eastern civilizations with modern tools of analysis (literary, legal, anthropological, etc.), using the ancient written records and physical evidence as our data. The study of language and script forms a major part of our program, with an emphasis on gaining ability to access sources in the original.”
(department page: http://neareast.jhu.edu/)

“The Philosophy Department retains a distinctive character, providing its students with a broad but analytically rigorous philosophical education. Continuing a long Hopkins tradition (that of Dewey, Lovejoy, Boas, Mandelbaum and Schneewind), we offer programs that combine the systematic study of philosophical problems with sensitivity to their history.”
(department page: http://philosophy.jhu.edu/)

Romance Languages
“The goal of the program is to provide students with a strong set of reading, writing, and speaking skills in their chosen languages. From that solid base, students then move on to studying the literature, history, and culture of France, Spain, Latin America, and Italy through works in their original languages.”
(department page: http://grll.jhu.edu/)

Russian (minor) “The Goucher College-Johns Hopkins University Cooperative Program in Russian offers a full range of courses in Russian language and literature to be drawn upon for an area major in Humanistic Studies. The Russian minor is designed to give the student a command of both the written and spoken language and a deeper understanding of the cultural and literary development of the Russian people.”
(department page: http://www.advising.jhu.edu/russian.php)

“The program’s flexibility encourages students to combine studies in other programs, such as history, anthropology, history of art, or film and media studies, with a major or minor in Spanish. Most courses beyond the level of basic language instruction are devoted to literature, from historical and critical perspectives.”

(department page: http://grll.jhu.edu/)

Theatre Arts and Studies (minor)
“The Program offers a comprehensive approach to the arts of acting, directing and playwriting along with the fundamentals of technical direction, play production, play analysis, theatre management and theatre history.”
(department page: http://www.jhu.edu/theatre-arts/)

Women, Gender and Sexuality (minor)
“Through both interdisciplinary and specialized courses, students are encouraged to develop critical and comparative approaches to the study of gender and associated topics.”
(department page: http://anthropology.jhu.edu/wgs/)

Writing Seminars
“We seek students who want intensely to compete with and for the art of writing at the highest standards…We want to teach students what it can mean to write and to be a writer, not always the same thing.”
(department page: http://writingseminars.jhu.edu)