Welcome to Student Activities

Welcome to the Student Activities Blog!

Have you ever wanted to sing funny songs clad in a Hawaiian t-shirt? Or create medical kits for doctors in a third world country? At Hopkins, we have over 300 organizations as varied as the students who run them. Participating in student activities definitely enhances your college experience, so the team behind Hopkins Interactive is putting together a blog with entries from many of the student activities on campus. We will be adding blogs throughout the year, so come back to check out our new blogs!

These blogs are student-written and give a look at what activities a Hopkins student can participate in. You can learn about clubs that help the community, inform other students about issues going on in the world, prepare them for the professional world, honor their accomplishments, publish their thoughts, participate or learn more about cultural traditions, entertain the Hopkins community— or clubs that bring together people with a special interest (like Krav Maga or dancing to raise money for children). Use our menu at the top to link you to a category of clubs at Hopkins.

We have many national organizations, like Relay for Life or Alpha Phi, but many organizations that are unique to Hopkins. Have fun looking around this blog and be sure to check out the student activities fair at the beginning of the school year to sign up for any clubs. If you have a question about a certain activity or clubs in general, please ask questions of our current students on our Hopkins Forums!

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