Advocacy and Awareness

Advocacy and Awareness groups actively support and idea or cause.  Many of these groups aim to influence public policy or better inform Hopkins students of issues going on the world.

Association for India’s Development
Association for India’s Development (AID) is a volunteer, non-profit organization which works toward promoting grassroots development in India. AID-JHU strives to promote awareness about and works with different grassroots organizations on various interconnected issues like health, education, agriculture, environment and human rights.
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Ataxia Ambassadors-Coming Soon!
The goal of the Ataxia Ambassador Program is to educate, to raise awareness, and to promote further research on the neurological degenerative disease ataxia. Through clinical engagement, research exploration, and community outreach, ambassadors aim to make raising awareness and finding cure to cerebellar ataxia a priority among not only current and rising health professionals, but also the greater community beyond.
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College Democrats
The Hopkins College Democrats are committed to enriching the political experiences of the JHU student body. Our activities consist of: issue discussion panels, BBQs, social functions, campaigning, debating and much more.
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Engineers Without Borders- Coming Soon!
The mission of Engineers Without Borders – USA (EWB-USA) is to partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects, while developing internationally responsible engineering students.
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Hopkins Kicks Butts (HKB)- Coming Soon!
Hopkins Kicks Butts (HKB) is a student-led coalition which works to support and advocate national, state, local, and university anti-tobacco related policies, activities, and events. Additionally, members work to educate against tobacco use and promote tobacco cessation efforts. HKB aims to make JHU a healthier, smoke-free campus and community.
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Identity’s design is to make the Johns Hopkins community, and the greater community of Baltimore,aware of current national and international issues concerning social injustice.
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Hopkins J Street U
J Street U is a national movement that stands for a two State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We engage in thoughtful/critical discussion on campus. We believe in a Jewish&Democratic state and self-determination for the Palestinian people.
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Public Health Student Forum
Public Health Student Forum (PHSF) strives to ensure awareness of public health issues on the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus while also uniting students interested in these issues. PHSF’s activities include the Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Conference in Public Health, Public Health Awareness Week, speaker events, and hosting general assemblies open to the entire Homewood community.
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Vision Exchange
We are the primary international relief organization on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus. To put it simply, our goal is to raise a lot of money for good causes while having an awesome time producing fun, high-energy events. Our members are skilled in grant-writing, logistical planning, public relations, recruitment, fundraising and much more… so feel free to contact us if you need some organizational consulting.
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