Hopkins students like to work out and play sports! Check out some of our competitive and fun teams.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
The JHU BJJ team specializes in the groundfighting system introduced to the world by the Gracie family of Brazil. We train for competition Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling tournaments. Beginners are always welcome.
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Club Field Hockey
Our goal is to provide a means for playing field hockey on a competitive level that is less strenuous than commitments of a Varsity team. All levels.
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Club Squash- Coming Soon!
The Johns Hopkins University Squash club squash team started only in the winter of 2009/2010, a small extension of the larger recreational Squash Club. (Club Website:

Hopkins Cheerleading- Coming Soon!
The Johns Hopkins Cheerleading squad is a small group of dedicated women who aim to promote campus-wide school spirit through the support of the university’s athletic teams. Cheerleading is considered a club sport. The squad can be seen cheering at home football, basketball, and lacrosse games.
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Hopkins Taekwondo
The oldest martial arts club at Johns Hopkins, Hopkins Taekwondo was founded in 1989. Following the original interpretation of the art (loosely ITF), Hopkins TKD seeks to enrich its students through understanding of the mental, physical, and philosophical aspects of this Korean martial art. We focus on both the traditional practice of martial arts, and optional competitions for any of our members to take part it, in both forms and sparring.
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Hopkins Softball- Coming Soon!
Women’s Club Softball is the only softball team on campus and is an organization for those interested in playing women’s fast-pitch softball. Our goal is to provide opportunity for students to enjoy the sport in the fellowship of other softball players and to cultivate a strong sense of team spirit. (Club Website:

JHU Capoeira
Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art developed by African slaves in Brazil during the colonial period. It is marked by deft, tricky movements often played on the ground or completely inverted. It also has a strong acrobatic component in some versions, and is always played with music.
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Ice Hockey- Coming Soon!
The Johns Hopkins Club Ice Hockey Team is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who pursue their passion for ice hockey on a competitive college level. As members of the Mason Dixon League in Atlantic Division of the ACHA, the team practices twice weekly and schedules about twenty games per season.
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Men’s Club Lacrosse- Coming Soon!
The Johns Hopkins Men’s Club Lacrosse team is an organization for people of all skill levels of lacrosse. While we do compete in the National Collegiate Lacrosse League, the team is also about developing lacrosse skills and having fun while enjoying the sport.
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Men’s Rugby- Coming Soon!
The Johns Hopkins Rugby Football Club is an assembly of upstanding collegiate gentlemen intent on enriching their minds, bodies, and souls while simultaneously inspiring and elevating all those who surround them. For nearly three decades Hopkins Rugby has vigorously competed in the Potomac Rugby Union and we strongly urge all Hopkins men with the passion and interest in Rugby to join our club.
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Men’s Ultimate- Coming Soon!
Looking to become part of a new and exciting intercollegiate sport? Come check out Ultimate Frisbee – a team sport like no other – and meet a whole community that you never knew existed. There are over 350 competitive college ultimate frisbee teams in the nation. Want to see what all the fuss is about? No experience necessary.
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Quidditch is a group for anyone looking for a fun way to exercise and meet new people. We hold weekly Quidditch scrimmages during which we play a modified (or muggle) version of the Quidditch game found in the Harry Potter series, written by J.K. Rowling.
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Women’s Club Lacrosse- Coming Soon! The Women’s Club Lacrosse Team is active during both the Fall and Spring semesters, playing games against college club teams from the area. We welcome players of all experience levels, including girls who have never picked up a stick. Our goal is to have fun while improving our skills and knowledge of the game.
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Women’s Ultimate- Coming Soon!
The Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team provides the women of Johns Hopkins with a team that they can have fun with while learning the skills needed to play ultimate Frisbee. We strive to teach one another and develop our skills while having a great time doing so. During the spring we aim to play more competitively.
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Varsity Field Hockey 
This is a DIII Varsity Field Hockey Team.
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