Publications and Media

Hot off the press! Hopkins has a wide variety of publications and media outlets. Express yourself through the written word or create an exciting film.

Epidemic Proportions
Epidemic Proportions is a public health journal designed to highlight JHU research and field work in public health. Combining research and scholarship, the journal seeks to capture the breadth and depth of the JHU undergraduate public health experience.
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Foundations was founded in 2005 by undergraduates at The Johns Hopkins University. The mission was simple: Fill a glaring void in the scope of historical publications by providing a forum for undergraduates undertaking substantive research to publish their findings. Foundations is a truly international journal, receiving submissions from schools both large and small in the United States and throughout the world.
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Hopkins Undergraduate Research Journal- Coming Soon!
Since its inception in 2001, HURJ has evolved each year to encompass and reflect the diverse interests of Hopkins undergraduates. This issue’s focus on human rights is the latest in a trend of previous focus topics dedicated to important concerns of today. We found fellow undergraduates to be incredibly responsive to this theme—the result is a journal of many voices, opinions, and ideas.
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The Johns Hopkins Film Society
The Johns Hopkins Film Society has the goal of presenting films throughout the year to the student body at Johns Hopkins University and the local Baltimore community.  Each semester we showcase works on 35mm, 16mm, and DVD.  In the fall, we typically run a Fall Film Series and in the spring, we are responsible for putting on the Johns Hopkins Film Festival, an annual film festival displaying works mostly from independent and international filmmakers.  The Film Society also publishes the Frame of Reference film journal in correspondence with the film festival.
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JHU Politik
JHU Politik is the only weekly-published political publication on the Homewood Campus of Johns Hopkins University. JHU Politik reports factually on both domestic and international events, and also publishes opinion articles on a wide variety of topics.
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