Religion and Culture

Cultural and religious groups are groups  who share a commonality of cultural experience or a desire to learn more about them.  Cultural groups offer a lively social and educational environment for students, and promote preserving cultural heritage and identity.

Agape Campus Christian Fellowship- Coming Soon!
Agape Campus Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian campus ministry. “Agape” is a Greek word which when translated conveys the meaning of God’s unparalleled, completely undeserved and sacrificial love for humanity. We have experienced God’s amazing love and our desire is to see students on our campus experience this great love of God that has changed our lives.
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Black Student Union- Coming Soon!
The purpose of the Black Student Union (hereafter referred to as BSU) and its events and administrative functions shall be to provide and maintain the best possible conditions in which Black students may receive a complete education.
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Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance
The Diverse Sexuality And Gender Alliance, or DSAGA, is the LGBT student organization on the Homewood Campus of the Johns Hopkins University.  We service the student body, faculty, and staff in a variety of capacities, including education, counseling, and social opportunities.
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Filipino Students Association Entry 1 & Entry 2 
The Johns Hopkins University Filipino Students Association strives to celebrate and promote awareness of the culture, language, and history of the Philippines. Through cultural nights, potlucks, documentary screenings, folk dance performances, and other events, we aim to provide a friendly environment for members of the Hopkins community to learn about Filipino culture and other issues pertaining to the Philippines. We also work towards enabling students at Hopkins of Filipino descent to celebrate their cultural heritage together and socialize with each other.
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Hopkins Christian Fellowship
Hopkins Christian Fellowship (an InterVarsity fellowship) is an inter-denominational, multi-ethnic group of students committed to living out the gospel on the Johns Hopkins campus, in Baltimore City, and throughout the world.  Through the study of God’s word, the Bible, as well as prayer and service, HCF seeks to help students grow in God’s love.
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Jews in Greek Life
The purpose of JIGL is to create social, religious, and community service programs for all Jews in Greek Life. JIGL plans and organizes events where Jewish members, of all Greek organizations, have an opportunity to participate in Jewish events within a Greek context.
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Jewish Students Association- Coming Soon!
The Jewish Students Association provides social, educational, and religious programming for the Jewish community and the Hopkins campus at large. Popular events include RamaDinner, a collaboration with the JHU Muslim Association that celebrates cross-cultural learning and dialogue and concludes with a free meal; the Great Debate: Latkes vs. Hamantashen, in which faculty members debate their favorite holiday food; and the Dance Marathon, where students dance all night to raise money for local charities.
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JHU Muslim Association- Coming Soon!
The Johns Hopkins University Muslim Association is an active religious group on campus dedicated to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The group seeks to raise awareness of the religion of Islam as well as engage and interact with the Hopkins and Baltimore community in a positive and beneficial manner. We hope that everyone will feel free to come to any of our events and be a part of the organization in any capacity they deem fit.
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