All things considered, I had a pretty good year. 2016 may be widely regarded as one giant dumpster fire, but for me, at least personally, it was the year that so many things fell into place. It ran circles around 2015, its evil predecessor, and with the plunge into the post-grad world looming in 2017, […]

The Secret to Surviving Hopkins

I think it was my freshman spring when I first heard the ~Hopkins myth~ that people don’t really work together on schoolwork. Like there’s some imaginary percentage of the JHU population that barricades themselves away in secluded corners of D Level (whoops, never been) to hiss at anyone who wants to tackle a problem set […]

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, Interwebz! Yeah yeah, I know 1) nobody says interwebz anymore (showing my advanced age here), and 2) I’m a little early to be sending you some Turkey Day well-wishes. But the Comotto family is a festive bunch, and we’re alllll about extending holiday cheer for as long as we can—particularly when it comes […]

I Wish I’d Known

WELCOME TO HOMEWOOD, CLASS OF 2020! It warms my elderly, senior heart to see campus so alive and hopping (lol) after the ghost-town days of summer. The start of the school year and sudden arrival of a thousand fresh faces never fails to make me nostalgic. This is quadrupled by the air of finality that […]

The Junior Roster

This morning, I woke up, and it was spring. There have been (far too) many false starts and stops to this most glorious of seasons, but I think today was the beginning of something truly magical. And also truly terrifying. The gorgeous weather had me staring at the calendar in a way I haven’t in […]

Why Hopkins: A Crash Course

Every semester since coming to college, I’ve rolled out an emotional soliloquy in an effort to tackle the unavoidable admissions-season question: Why Hopkins? I’ve talked about the people, how for the first time in my life I’ve found myself surrounded by peers who make me feel supported and understood. I’ve tried to describe this feeling […]

For the Love of Greek Life

  Spoiler alert: I’m in a sorority! You, dear reader, are definitely not shocked, seeing as I’ve been writing about good ol’ Alpha Phi at least once a semester since my freshman spring. Before sitting down to write this post, I took a walk down digital memory lane, sampling all of my past Greek life […]

Surviving Week One

Okay, okay, okay. Technically this past week wasn’t the first week of classes. Winter storm Jonas saw to that, ensuring that the Hopkins population had a nice and easy start to the spring semester. I could have used my snow days to get organized, maybe even get ahead on some required reading, but instead I […]

Media and PR in the Big Apple

You know what’s awkward about being a junior? Let me paint you a picture. You’re finally on winter break, basking in the glow of the coming two weeks, aflutter with the promise of food and family and presents and irritating Christmas music. After last semester’s horrifying finals schedule, you’ve gained a new appreciation for the […]

The Freshman Fifteen

Christmas has come and gone, and we all have the leftovers, Instas, and gift receipts to prove it. Now before we let the holiday spirit wane, I’d like to offer up a slightly belated gift to the new class of 2020 (CONGRATS, KIDDOS!!). It’s the only freshman fifteen you’ll ever want to receive: a Hopkins […]