A Week in the Life of a Recruit

Posted by Allysa D. | Posted on February 10, 2012

Finally, I am a sister!! After a long week of rush, I was given a bid to Alpha Phi and of course, I accepted. I am so incredibly happy that I rushed and I haven’t been this happy in such a long time! Rush week was a very fun experience for me, especially as a sophomore. I didn’t rush last year due to several reasons. I had absolutely no idea what rush was actually really like; I was really nervous about being able to understand people in such noisy environments.¬† I also wanted to focus more on academics and other things since I was still getting in the groove of freshman year so I chose to opt out and decided maybe next year. After my mom’s passing away in the summer, my suitemates and friends were there for me and I really saw the sisterhood and camaraderie within the sororities. I wanted to be a part of that and now I am. I think probably the best part of rush was the support I received from everyone – from Rob Turning (director of Greek Life) to the sisters. The Panhellenic council, rho gammas, and the sisters truly put an effort to make the process go smoothly as possible. I honestly do not think I would have gotten that kind of support anywhere else and it made my experience such a great one. I ended up really loving Alpha Phi because they put in such an effort to make some accommodations – for instance, they even printed out their speeches for me. Anyway, because I didn’t really know what rush was all about as a freshman, here’s the inside scoop of how it really works!

My suitemates Jane and Bre who are all in Alpha Phi!

Saturday, February 4th – Ice Water Round

So, basically the ice water round gives you an opportunity to visit all four sororities (on campus, we have 4 active sororities: Alpha Phi, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi). It is a very casual event. A rho gamma, who is like your “mentor” and helps with the process, takes you to each of the sororities. The rho gammas are neutral and answer whatever questions you may have; they also keep you updated on the process during rush week (as in what to wear, where to meet, etc). When you meet each sorority, the sisters are SO excited to meet you!! You’re greeted with so many smiles, clapping, singing, everything! It’s unbelievable. You talk with the sisters individually (maybe 4 or 5 sisters usually) and they want to know all about you – your interests, activities, majors, etc. It was really fun to talk to the girls and find out common interests – that was my favorite part. For instance, one girl who I had never met before and talked to had a best friend whose mom taught me in 5th grade! The meeting with each sorority only lasts for maybe 30 minutes or so. My group finished first, so for me, ice water round was from 12 PM to 4:30 PM! Others have had longer ones, such as 12 PM to 6 PM. The reason why ice water round is such a long process is because we have to meet with all four sororities and the meetings are located in different places on campus. But we have a break in between visiting sororities (my group’s break time slot was at the end – in other words, we met with all four sororities in a row with no break). I personally liked not having a break because we finished early! Once we were done, we entered into the computer the three sororities that we liked and one sorority that we didn’t prefer.

Getting ready for the recruits to come in!

Monday, February 6th – Theme Round

Now, this is a bit more formal. Based on the matches you made with the sororities, you meet with the matched sororities again. For me, I was invited back by Phi Mu, Alpha Phi, and Kappa. The maximum number of matches is the three sororities that you chose and the minimum is one. Again, the rho gammas take you to the sororities that you made a match with. This round is pretty much like the ice water round except you get to know more of the sisters. I personally LOVED this round because each sorority had a cute theme! Alpha Phi’s was Alice in Wonderland, Kappa was the secret garden, and Phi Mu was in outer space (i.e. “out of this world!”). At the end of the night, like the first round, you enter the sororities you liked again. Except this time, you can only choose two that you liked and one that you didn’t prefer.

My outfit for theme night!

JHU_Lucie and her sister's adorable Phi Mu name tags!

Kappa's amazing flower cupcakes - the petals were actually sliced mini-marshmellows and they made 200 of them!

Wednesday, February 8th – Preference Night

This is the most formal event. Potential New Members (PNMs) often wear dresses to this event. The sororities are VERY excited for this event because basically they want to convince you to join their sorority. The maximum number of sororities you can be asked back is two and minimum is one; I was preffed by Phi Mu and Alpha Phi. This round is a bit longer than usual. You sit down at beautifully decorated tables (food provided!) and talk with a sister for awhile. Meanwhile, the sorority will give a couple of speeches – you can really see how much the sisters love their sorority – and they also do things unique to their sorority. The sisters also decorated the rooms beautifully.

So excited!!

Thursday, February 9th РInvitation Night 

The final night!!!! We all gathered in the Glass Pavilion to finally find out which sorority extended an invitation to us to join their sorority. It was so exciting! We also found out where the rho gammas belonged (throughout rush week, they are neutral). Afterwards, we went with our new sisters to a party on campus where we got to meet all of the sisters, eat yummy food, and take part in beautiful ceremonies.

Our sealed official invitations!

The new pledge class!

Jen, Suzy, and Jane

Some of the lovely ladies of Alpha Phi!

Getting it down with Ariel!

Now, I will always be surrounded by sisters. There’s the JHU_Tess, who I work with in admissions. There’s also JHU_Ruthie, who’s on SAAB with Tess and I. There’s Bre and Jane, who are my suitemates and also my best friends. There’s Suzy and Jenny, who I’ve been such good friends with since the beginning of freshman year (we even went on spring break together). There’s Leemor, who was on my floor last year. There’s Kalyna, who’s my boyfriend’s roommate’s girlfriend. And there are so many more fabulous ladies (like you, Ariel) that I am still getting to know. Now I have sisters that I’ve never had before.

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  2. Zoe says:

    we lovee you Allysa!! So happy to have you in alpha phi as my sisterrr!! :)

  3. JLu says:

    LOVE YOU ALLYSA, this post is awesome! so glad you’re a sister, obviously it was meant to be :)

  4. Admissions_Daniel says:

    Though I heard a lot about the whole rush process the last couple of weeks, this entry and your pictures are a great summary. Congratulations! Alpha Phi made a great choice.

  5. ariel says:

    great way to get an inside scoop of how recruitment works! congrats on aphi allysa we love you SOSOSOOOOOO much!!!!!! also im a huge fan of the shout out and all of your pics LOVE YOU AND SO HAPPY WERE SISTAS

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    I’M SO GLAD WE’RE SISTERS NOW!! love you allysa!

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    I’m so glad rush went well for you! Congratulations :)

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    Great blog Allysa! We are so excited to have you!!! Welcome to the phamily! <3 aoe

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    A great and informational blog! I love the outfits you had for rush! :)