Ravens Game

I went to a Ravens game today! My friends and I stumbled into some free tickets, and made an awesome day out of it.

Diversity of my Hopkins friend group, through the lens of football

Me: I’d been going to college and high school football games since I could walk. Tony Romo was the QB at the university a couple miles from my house in Illinois, so my parents have scrapbook of young Amy’s many Tony Romo autographs.

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Frannie: couldn’t even count all the Super Bowl games she’d attended over the years, a true super fan.

Maggie: grew up in Paris and London, and had never even watched a football game on TV before. She asked a bunch of questions about the rules, and I was in the rare position of being more knowledgeable than someone about the game.

Gaby: had been to a couple of high school games, but never tuned into professional football. She’s an avid watcher of the Olympics, though, so she can get pumped for a good sporting event.


The last football game I went to was back in high school. That time, I spent most of the game walking around the stadium, not really paying attention, and just being there because it was the cool place to be on a Friday night. I admit to being part of the homogenous glob of apathetic teenagers going through the motions of local football.


This time, I got to hear stories from Frannie about her family’s love of the game, I could talk through the strategy with Maggie’s fresh eyes, and Gaby chatted with me about the politics of military displays at halftime shows. Just going to a game reminds me that my daily experience with diversity at Hopkins is actually really meaningful, not just some administrative checklist.

Thanks Hopkins for the company, Baltimore for the energy, fate for the tickets, and Ravens for the win.



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