Refocusing for Finals

I’m not excited to go to class this week. It’s Monday. A Thanksgiving break full of rest and without deadlines is over. I’ve fallen out of my daily routines. Finals are real and scary and soon. I’m not looking forward to writing one of my term papers. It’s a hard month to confront any political science.

To pump myself up for the week, I recalled some engaging academic stuff I’ve only considered deeply because of my classes here.

  • The WHO’s monitoring of Ebola in Sierra Leone
  • Biomedical construction and social construction of infertility
  • The political hierarchy within the Occupy Wall Street movement
  • Bioethics of DNRs
  • Philosophy of Epistemic Relativism
  • Pathologies of bureaucracy
  • Pregnancy in U.S. correctional facilities

Out-of-context evocative class notes:

  • There are decisions we must make under the condition of uncertainty.
  • Come to terms with the change in scale.
  • We make a star as we make a constellation, by putting its parts together and marking off its boundaries.
  • Favorite changes are incremental ones.
  • How does your relationship with the past impact your affair with possibility?
  • This end is not only a personal closure to a narrative, but a larger political end.

Ambitious arguments I’ve made:

Three Noteworthy Papers

Hopefully focusing on how lectures and readings can lead to cool epiphanies will help me get through the next couple of weeks. Here’s to renewed academic excitement!

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