An Exciting Month

I made it through finals! I’m jotting this blog off before boarding a plane to go back home. Last blog, I made a list looking back at moments I could draw on for finals inspiration. For this blog, here’s a list of what I’m most excited about for the month to come.

  • Two weeks without any class or homework. I plan to rest my eyes and do exactly zero academic reading during this period.
  • Enjoying home perks. My parents, friends from high school I don’t see much anymore, my dog, my bed, home cooking, and every other very typical thing college students complain about missing during the semester.
  • Intersession fun. My best friend and I are taking the same intersession courses, and we plan to take advantage of the relaxed schedule. We spent our first intersessions freshman year together, so it’ll also have a fun nostalgia factor for me.
  • Intersession classes. I’m taking two classes: No Man’s Land: Organized Crime Across the US-Mexican Border and The Existence of God in Modern Philosophy. Both of these classes violate one of my standard rules: don’t register for classes with long names. Yet, it is intersession, and they both sound too great to pass up. I’ll take the gamble.
  • Getting back into French. I’m taking French next semester for the first time since high school. I think that breaking up my political science workload with a language will be rewarding when papers are bogging me down late in the semester. I’ll definitely have to brush up on my French a bit before the first class, though.
  • Starting a fresh semester. For me, I often hit a point near the end of the semester where I’m more stressed about learning material than excited about it. I really appreciate the beginning of semesters- less pressure, more freedom.
  • My new job. After a long semester of training, I’m officially a tutor at the JHU Writing Center. This position has been a dream for a long while now—I’m beyond excited to get started.

See you soon, Hopkins!

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