Ubering Through Hopkins

As great as Baltimore public transportation is, my friends and I still end up Ubering all the time. Here are a few notable rides!


Back in my freshman year, Postmates didn’t exist. (EDIT: Apparently it was founded in 2011? So it did exist, but not in my version of reality.) One night my roommates and I were craving McDonald’s, so we got an Uber to take us in a loop through the Drive-Thru and back to campus. We treated the driver to a sweet tea to make up for the weirdness of the trip, so it was definitely a win-win for everyone involved.


My friends and I participated in a huge march through Baltimore in 2015. It was an eye-opening experience which I’ll always remember as my first political protest. However, at the end of the march, my friends and I found ourselves in an unfamiliar neighborhood with dying phones and no cash. Thankfully, we managed to call an Uber just before our batteries gave out.


My parents didn’t have time for a trip to Baltimore when I had to move from the dorms into my first apartment. Instead of lugging all of my stuff across Charles Village by hand, I ordered an SUV Uber to help. I loaded up everything I owned into that car, rode a mile up the road, and dumped it all into the lobby of the apartment building. It cost me $25, but saved me sore arms and hours of moving.


I spent enough time in the library before a final this semester that the weather completely changed by the time the exam finished. I’d walked into the library the day before in breezy sweatshirt weather, and left the exam room in, according to my weather app, “feels like 2 degrees” weather. I couldn’t muster the energy and grit to walk back to my apartment in those conditions, so I opted for a convenient (read: silly) Uber ride back home.


For a change of scenery last semester, I traveled down to Peabody Library for an afternoon of studying. I managed to totally forget to bring an important textbook, and I couldn’t face traveling back to campus without any work done. My amazing roommate called an Uber, gave the book to the driver, and had him drive it over to me. That perfect solution enabled a perfect study session.

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