Thank You, Amazon

This blog is inspired by An Ode to Amazon Prime! I’m also not sponsored by Amazon, however much I’d love to be. 

For my birthday earlier this week, many of my relatives gave me Amazon gift cards. I will always be grateful for an Amazon card– I can’t count the number of times Prime shipping has saved me in a pinch. Here are some of my Amazon purchases of the last year: documenting moves to different apartments, landmarks in my life, and evidence to pay the subscription fee to Prime again next year.


An inflatable futon and pump. This may have been an exceptionally tacky addition to my Sophomore dorm, but it was genuinely useful. On one particular occasion, my friend was completely freaked out by a mouse she spotted in her apartment. She desperately wanted a mouse-free place to sleep until the problem was solved. Very handy guest-bed! However, as I was moving it to my off-campus apartment, I accidently pierced it with an earring. RIP.


My best friend from home came to visit me over her spring break last March, and I decided to invest in some guest linens. Another buy that has been unexpectedly convenient on many occasions. (Also when I’m too lazy to wash my sheets and can just swap them out for a new set.)


Now that I have an off-campus apartment, I finally have a TV of my own! I use this to watch Netflix basically every day of my life. I’d also like to mention that I set it up completely by myself– so adult, so competent. Over this intersession, my friends and I have streamed two entire Netflix series. Although neither of the shows were all that great, I’m still grateful to my firestick for making it possible.


Another set of purchases for my new apartment. The curtains completely black-out all light, an absolute necessity with a street lamp right outside. The window didn’t have any way to install a curtain rod, so I picked up the command hooks to do the job instead. I, as the paranoid person I am, also installed that alarm on my apartment door . It’s 100% extraneous on a door that already has three locks, but I couldn’t beat the price.


If the inflatable couch and midwestern upbringing didn’t clue you in already, I’m not one to shy away from tacky. Plastic dishes don’t break. 10/10 recommend.


Visual Rhetoric is a class offered at Hopkins that everyone loves. It’s taught by a super cool professor, you learn actual Adobe and design skills that you can put on your resume, and it’s a nice break from the typical class routine. I’ve tried to take it two separate times, patiently sitting through the first class period and buying supplies. I can’t draw, though, so the first drawing assignment has made me drop the class both times. The supplies are still sitting on my desk, waiting for the day when I actually go through with the class.


Organizational planner stickers, totally an Amy purchase. I find it hard to stick to a routine of writing everything down in my planner. These stickers help make the process much more fun and consistent.


I’ve raved about some other purchases on this list, but this one actually takes the cake. I bought this blender with Amazon gift cards from Christmas, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I have a perfect fruit smoothie literally every single day, now. I’d love to go back in time make freshman Amy buy a blender and use dining hall fruit to make smoothies.


In the most adult move I’ve ever made, I decided to fix my completely clogged bathroom sink all by myself. I got this bottle of Draino off of Amazon (before realizing that it was much cheaper to buy it from the grocery store), and got to work. In the most adult jolt of satisfaction of my life, I woke up on my 21st birthday with a functional sink.

If you couldn’t tell, my life is really exciting! At least I can look back on this list during my mid-life crisis and relax, knowing I’ve always been passionate about buying tremendously ordinary things!

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