Too Soon

Last Friday, hundreds of students around the Homewood campus scrambled to put their finishing touches on a document called the HPCA, which was due exactly at midnight. The HPCA, which stands for Health Professions Committee Application, is a pretty extensive application that anyone pre health (whether that’s premed, preMD-PhD, prehealthcare, or predental) needs to fill out […]

Of Mouse Models and Men

Two weeks ago, about a dozen of us sat at the long wooden table in the Dunning conference room of our Neuroscience department what what is known as “Scientific Communication”. The 0.5 credit seminar is required for neuro majors who want to do research for credit, and it bookends the semester with an entry session […]

The Small Stuff

Today, at 3pm, a couple hundred high schoolers around the world were accepted to Johns Hopkins as part of the Early Decision process. To those students: you’ll be bombarded with confetti and tshirts and stickers and Facebook posts for the rest of your near future as the date you set foot on campus next fall approaches. […]

Welcome to Neuro

When I was trying to decide which school I wanted to go to, my dad had the brilliant idea of checking to see if I could figure out what exactly the different curricula looked like at different schools. After a quick Google search, we pulled up the Hopkins course catalog, and I pored through the Neuroscience […]

Fall Cleaning

It’s been a long time since I’ve cleaned out my backpack. And it’s been getting heavier and heaver as the days go on. And it’s becoming harder and harder to pull out the right piece of paper when I stick my hand in during class. And so this – this post and this life event […]

My Meal Plan Plan

As spring break comes to a close, it looks like the semester is just about half over. Which is weird, because I could have sworn it just started yesterday. And as students around Hopkins take a moment to revel in the months past, reflect on how the semester has been going, and recalibrate for a new round […]

Figuring out Intersession

I decided pretty recently that I’m going to stay at Hopkins over Intersession. Originally, I was going to take a trip to India with my dad in January, but now I’m going in the summer, and my January is free. And most of my friends will be back at school way before I would, which […]

Free Mac and Cheese

After Nervous System today, I grabbed some tea from Brody Cafe (fighting a cold) and headed over to Gilman Hall. I took the spiral staircase on the side up to the third floor and walked into one of Dr. Fissell’s offices. She has two; one here in Gilman looking out at the spherical paper lamps […]

Upcoming Test: The Nervous System

It must have been early grade school when I fell in love with the brain. I’ve tried to reason it out for years – maybe its the fact that this tiny pink glob holds everything that is us, or maybe its the sheer mystery the field still is – but I haven’t been able to […]