Weekend in the Capital

Yesterday, my uncle from Dallas was in DC for the weekend for a business meeting. So my parents, my brother, and my aunt and uncle decided to drive down and pick me up on the way so that we could spend some time roaming DC together before he had to catch his flight. They left […]

Application Vacation

I’ve been spending summer working four days a week at the Harriet Lane Clinic, at the Children’s Center of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Through a program called Health Leads, where we work with pediatric and adolescent physicians to care for the social needs of patients by connecting them to community and government resources. It’s been […]


Since the end of freshman year, I’ve been working with JHU_Quan in a small company called Hopkins Creative Design, or HCD. HCD is a student-run design firm, and we do everything from branding and fliers for student organizations on campus to creating and selling our own merchandise. Last semester, we worked with a sweater company […]

Too Soon

Last Friday, hundreds of students around the Homewood campus scrambled to put their finishing touches on a document called the HPCA, which was due exactly at midnight. The HPCA, which stands for Health Professions Committee Application, is a pretty extensive application that anyone pre health (whether that’s premed, preMD-PhD, prehealthcare, or predental) needs to fill out […]

A Typical Wednesday

Today was a super average Wednesday. Writing out my day is something that I haven’t done in a long time, but it’s actually a really cool way to wind down for me. So I thought I’d literally just walk you through what I was up to on this super cloudy, uneventful Wednesday! I woke up […]

Halfway There

I don’t care how unoriginal it is to say this, but I legitimately, sincerely, wholeheartedly cannot believe that I will be a junior next semester. I’ll save the reflectioney bits for later, but I’ll say now that for as terrifying as it is that half my trip at Hopkins is almost over, I’m genuinely excited for […]

Stars and the Universe

On February 11th, researchers at the LIGO lab at Caltech announced to the world the first observation of gravitational waves in the universe, which supported a longstanding theory of Einstein’s. It was easily one of the biggest discoveries of the decade. I remember seeing its announcement as a push notification on my phone when it hit me; […]

The Great Fort of 16

The first two days of the semester were snow days. And it was amazing. Because here we were with absolutely no assignments that we could “probably get started on” and no clue what our classes would be about, suddenly graced with two free days to just chill with people you haven’t seen for a month. […]


It’s hard to believe that my fourth semester at Hopkins starts again in 9 days. While winter break was definitely amazing and necessary, is it weird to say there’s a part of me that kind of misses the rhythm of the semester and the view from my dorm? So in that mood of hopping forward past my last […]