My Meal Plan Plan

As spring break comes to a close, it looks like the semester is just about half over. Which is weird, because I could have sworn it just started yesterday. And as students around Hopkins take a moment to revel in the months past, reflect on how the semester has been going, and recalibrate for a new round […]

Stars and the Universe

On February 11th, researchers at the LIGO lab at Caltech announced to the world the first observation of gravitational waves in the universe, which supported a longstanding theory of Einstein’s. It was easily one of the biggest discoveries of the decade. I remember seeing its announcement as a push notification on my phone when it hit me; […]

The Great Fort of 16

The first two days of the semester were snow days. And it was amazing. Because here we were with absolutely no assignments that we could “probably get started on” and no clue what our classes would be about, suddenly graced with two free days to just chill with people you haven’t seen for a month. […]


It’s hard to believe that my fourth semester at Hopkins starts again in 9 days. While winter break was definitely amazing and necessary, is it weird to say there’s a part of me that kind of misses the rhythm of the semester and the view from my dorm? So in that mood of hopping forward past my last […]

Figuring out Intersession

I decided pretty recently that I’m going to stay at Hopkins over Intersession. Originally, I was going to take a trip to India with my dad in January, but now I’m going in the summer, and my January is free. And most of my friends will be back at school way before I would, which […]

Free Mac and Cheese

After Nervous System today, I grabbed some tea from Brody Cafe (fighting a cold) and headed over to Gilman Hall. I took the spiral staircase on the side up to the third floor and walked into one of Dr. Fissell’s offices. She has two; one here in Gilman looking out at the spherical paper lamps […]

Upcoming Test: The Nervous System

It must have been early grade school when I fell in love with the brain. I’ve tried to reason it out for years – maybe its the fact that this tiny pink glob holds everything that is us, or maybe its the sheer mystery the field still is – but I haven’t been able to […]

One of Those Weeks

For the most part, my midterms are staggered. Every week is a hearty balance of a couple response papers, some readings, and the occasional exam. And that’s all very good for when they’re out of phase with each other like that. But every once in a while, everything syncs. Worlds collide. And suddenly you find yourself […]

Clinging onto Summer

Yesterday, it was cold. Not, like, cold cold. But it wasn’t hot. And I didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for hoodies. But theres something distinct about the life that warmth breathes into Hopkins. I mean it’s always beautiful and lively, but each season brings its own spin on that beauty […]