What is a Woodrow Wilson Research Fellow?


Here’s a hint: These students are chosen to receive $10,000!

Hopkins students are intellectually curious and have a strong urge to chase that curiosity wherever it leads. Our students are encouraged to follow their passions—to dig deeper and discover more. The Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship helps them do just that.

Fun fact: The 28th president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, began his graduate studies at Hopkins in 1883

The Wilson Fellowship provides eligible students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences with up to $10,000 to develop a research project of their own design. Wilson fellows receive a stipend over four years to spend on research costs, which may include travel, equipment, and use of archives or laboratories. Fellowship recipients work with a faculty mentor to help them select a topic, create an action plan, and pursue their research.

The availability of professors as a resource and their genuine desire to help is truly invaluable. This program is also unique in that not only does it award research grants to undergraduates, but students receive notice prior to even arriving on campus and can jump right in as soon as they enter as first-year students.

This is an amazing opportunity for hands-on, real-world experience that undergraduates at most other universities don’t get until later in their college career.

Perhaps the best part about a Wilson Fellowship? The topic can be ANYTHING.

Here’s a list of just a few recently completed Wilson projects (click on the titles to learn more):

  • A Podium for Politics—This project explores the ways in which Britain projected itself as host nation in 1948 in comparison to the identity promoted during the 1908 Games. These two events bookend the early moments and final stages of British imperial decline…

“I think I would have ended up at Hopkins even if I hadn’t been offered the Woodrow Wilson Research Fellowship, but it certainly made my decision an easy one. Who could pass up the allure of $10,000 to be spent on any project of your choosing? The fact that this fellowship is not limited to student studying the natural sciences confirmed for me the university’s commitment to the humanities. I couldn’t believe that as an intended history major I had been offered this amazing opportunity. I am planning to use my funding to study the effects of the 2012 Olympics on British nationalism. My research is taking me to London—a trip that is completely covered by the Wilson Fellowship. The [Wilson Fellowship] has allowed me to combine two life-long dreams of mine: studying abroad and attending an Olympic Games.” -Tess Thomas, history (Class of 2014)

Read Tess’ blog to learn more about her journey to completing her Woodrow Wilson project: https://blogs.hopkins-interactive.com/tess/2014/04/the-woodrow-wilson-fellowship/

  • The 25th Street Station—This project investigated the 25th Street Station Project, a multimillion-dollar development on 25th and Howard Street in Baltimore…

Read more about Martha’s experience: http://hub.jhu.edu/gazette/2014/may-june/focus-baltimore-and-football-love-story

If you are a current undergraduate applicant, you don’t want to let this opportunity pass you by.

The application deadline is approaching on February 20 for both Early Decision and Regular Decision applicants. Click here to learn more and apply—could you be the next Wilson Fellow?

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