The Suite Life: Residential Life at Hopkins

kids in common room_small

There are few experiences more exciting than college move-in day. That first taste of freedom is unmistakably memorable, from the bustle and excitement of student-movers to smiles from strangers who may, one day, become your best friends.

And then the festivities begin! Decorating rooms, attending celebrations, and exploring Baltimore is all part of the new student experience at Hopkins.

“You get to watch a bare room turn into your home, and it’s wonderful. Whether you’re like me and put up a million pictures of your friends, or you decorate it like you saw on Pinterest, personalizing your dorm room is really important. You’re going to be living in this room for a whole year – make it your own, and have fun with it!” Rachel Long, ’19

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Hopkins residence hall life is part of what makes the Homewood community so strong. And just like most communities, Hopkins has its own insider lingo to foster that connection. New students quickly learn that names of places and buildings are almost always abbreviated or converted into acronyms: FFC, BLC, MSE, AMR, and so on. Common sights while walking to your residence hall are colorful outdoor chairs filled with socializing students while groups of friends stroll from the FFC (Fresh Food Café) with take-away containers, heading for a picnic on The Beach (a large open field with no sand or waves).

Living with your friends and peers, who are all going through the same time of life—and speaking the same language—as you are, is a fun and valuable part of the college experience.