Early Decision: What’s it all about?


Here in the Admissions Office, the arrival of autumn turns our attention to application season; chances are, if you’re reading this blog, your attention is focused on the very same thing. Have you done the research and come to the decision that Hopkins is the school for you? Now’s the time to consider whether applying Early Decision (ED) is the way to go.

What is Early Decision?

The Early Decision plan is a binding option for students who know that Johns Hopkins is their first-choice college. Applying ED means that you are committed to coming to Hopkins if you’re admitted. You should only apply to one college under an ED plan, although you may still apply Early Action or Regular Decision (RD) to other schools. If you’re admitted to a school under a binding ED plan, you will need to withdraw your applications from any other schools to which you’ve applied.

Click here for more details about applying ED and a list of FAQ.

Important things to note, and two of our most common questions about applying ED:

  • Is it easier to get in by applying ED? The application review process is the same and profiles of students admitted in ED and RD are nearly identical. Students who decide to apply ED have usually done their homework and are ready to present strong applications that make a case for why Hopkins is the right place for them.
  • Does applying ED affect your financial aid package? Admitted students receive a financial aid offer along with their admission notification. Their financial aid packages will be the same whether admitted in ED or RD.

More about ED:

You’re making a statement. By signing the Early Decision Agreement, you’re telling us that you are fully invested in being a part of our community and hopefully have thoughts on how you can contribute at Hopkins specifically.

The deadline is sooner, so you will have your decision sooner. If you’re admitted in ED, you’ve found your home and can focus on the rest of your senior year (yes, we will do a final transcript check!). If you are deferred or denied, you still have time to apply to other institutions.

How do you know if you should apply ED to Johns Hopkins?

The strongest ED candidates at Johns Hopkins have thoroughly researched our academic programs. They know we offer majors, minors, and other ways to study the fields they are truly passionate about and are ready to take advantage of our unique liberal arts education and opportunities to become active participants in their education. They have experienced Baltimore and have fallen in love with the culturally-rich shops and restaurants in the surrounding areas. They’ve come to the conclusion that they are a good match for Hopkins, and Hopkins is a good match for them.

If you find that Hopkins is your number one choice, and you’re excited to contribute to our Homewood campus and surrounding community, Early Decision is the choice for you!