Access your full potential


It’s easy to fall into a contented lull when you’re getting good grades, participating in groups, and checking other resume-boosting boxes. But before you get too comfortable, take a minute to reflect:

Does my academic schedule reflect my true potential as a student?

Are you challenging yourself by taking rigorous courses? Competitive universities seek focused, driven students. If you’re you getting good grades, is it because your classes aren’t challenging enough, or because you’re inspired by and putting quality work into your studies?

Are my extracurriculars more than just resume fillers?

Have you joined organizations that you’re truly passionate about and enjoy being a part of, or do you barely make it to the weekly meetings? Become involved in a group because you enjoy it and want to make an impact, not just because it look good on your resume.

Am I building the right relationships?

Your supporters should be just that—supportive. Surround yourself with friends and mentors who not only believe in you, but help you be your very best self.

High school is full of opportunities to access your true potential. Set your personal bar high, and with every good grade earned, leadership position gained, relationship cultivated, and obstacle conquered, the fruits of your efforts will taste that much sweeter.