Sweet Caroline

Neither a Kennedy nor a Princess of Monaco

Remnants of Home

After “what’s your name?” and “what’s your major?” the most frequently asked question I get in college is “where are you from?” I get it from everyone – from other students and teachers, and also from plenty of parents and prospective students at this weekend’s Open House here on campus. My answer is always, proudly, “Chicago.” And the most common answer I get is, “I can hear it in your accent!”.. Read More

Do Pre-O? Do Pre-O.

My Dear Caroline from last April, DO PRE-ORIENTATION. I’m going to repeat this a few times: do Pre-O, do Pre-O, do Pre-O, do Pre-O, do Pre-O! It will be tough to decide whether to leave home a week earlier than you are required to. You’ll go to brunch the day before you leave and regret signing up for a program you have no real idea about. You’ll get to campus,.. Read More